September 22nd

Is this a techno age or what? I just heard from Molly, from her cell phone in some misbegotten portion of New Jersey, asking me to do a Map Quest from said MBGP of New Jersey on to her next stop near Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. And my first impulse was to IM her back a link, which of course she could have found on her own if she had access, duh! I gave her some of the high points [a 3 hour drive had 35 turns listed...] and told her to call back anytime. Say hi to Hanne for me, Molly!

Sunday evening was pleasant. I'd had plans to go to the pool party in the afternoon that the Wet Spot hosts out at the same site that Paradise was held, but the plans fell through. I watched a miserable loss by the Mariners to Oakland, made SOS for dinner, did some website reviews, and generally lazed around the house. Along about dinner time I was chatting on an IM with an old friend, someone I had played with a couple of years ago before they moved out of town. They're back now, and I was aghast to hear that they had had no sex in two years. Humanitarian that I am, I offered and she accepted. We ended up with a late evening liaison of several hours that was most mutually satisfactory. More than that, it was a happiness to find out that she's as anal as I am, or even more so. "My g-spot is in my ass", she told me. It is great when some of your different sexual partners like slightly different things. She has now ended her two year hiatus, and we'll be looking forward to doing more of this stuff soon and often.

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  • Latest Book: The Long Run, by Daniel Keys Moran - a reread of a favorite.
  • Last Tshirt Worn: Friendly Neighborhood Dirty Little Slut - just seemed so appropriate to the late night visit....
  • Last DVD watched: Spun, with Mena Suvari, John Leguizamo, Jason Schwartzman and a few others in a movie that really seems to capture the gritty and really awful flavor of life on methamphetamine. You have to see it just to see Mena as a tweaker with bad teeth and fuzzy slippers.
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    Say it with me, folks. Life is darn good.

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