September 15th

I believe I've mentioned joining the Sextopia group which recently started organizing in this area. [You can only get to that link if you've got adult access to Yahoo Groups.] Shawn and I attended their party this past weekend and had a lot of fun. It is full tilt balls to the wall swinging, but without some of the "-phobic" aspects you run into in a lot of organized swinging.

She was a bit anxious on the way out as she had never been to a swinging party. Me, I spent over a decade going to weekly swinger's parties up until about '91 or '92, when I discovered kink and started going to dungeon parties instead. We stopped at a grocery store to buy our stuff for the BBQ that the party was to start with, and met several folks we knew there, and that helped a bit I believe.

After chowing down and shedding some clothes, Shawn and I began with a friendly little bit of cowgirl riding and then fisting, where she got happy enough to thoroughly squirt and saturate the mattress under us. As she was being showered with a bit of applause from the half dozen folks sitting around the room observing, I went off to find a fellow who she had earlier spotted and said, "I want him!" I brought that lucky guy back and sat with them for a few minutes as they got warmly acquainted, and then went off in search of fun myself.

I'm not going to be sharing any real details of anyone outside of Shawn and myself, as I have no permissions and I'm certain that the rules of the party would preclude too much detail.

Let me just say that what I personally remember is fisting several lovely and willing ladies [anywhere from finger-fucking with a couple fingers up to a full fist, variously], getting wonderful blow jobs, giving one weak attempt at one [Sorry, guy - out of practice], giving enthusiastic head until my jaw and tongue went on strike, giving and receiving exquisite rimming and anal fingering, playing grab-ass/lick titty in the swimming pool and hot tub in all variations and numbers of persons, fucking on top, bottom, side, and in combinations, synchronized and not, and and and and... generally feeling like a kid in a penny-candy store with a no-limit credit card. I know Shawn felt quite similar - on the drive home she was really happy to tell me that she had lived out a long time fantasy - having X guys at once [If she's a friend maybe she'll tell you what number X is.... :} ...]

Sleeping over at the site was an option, and one that most appeared to exercise, but Shawn and I rarely get a chance for a sleep-over together, so we drove home about 2 a.m. and crashed hard together at my place. And sleep was all it was - her hoohaw was worn out, she said, and I know I had barely enough calories left in me to fight for the covers. In the morning we were both talking about what a great party it had been and at the same time creaking and aching in our sorry joints and bad backs.

I have friends and relatives going through various psychodramas, and then I see the sexually repressed try to lead our country today, and then still I'll look occasionally at the truly sad caricature of sexuality I see on prime time television and I just can't help but think that the more people who were simply able to do what we did - go to an orgy, have happy consensual sex with other folks, and go home afterwards guilt-free - well, it would be a happier world. You nay sayers out there - don't knock it until you have tried it, including the smiling on the way home guilt-free. It is part and parcel of why life is so darn good around Casa Throckmorton.

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