September 11th

Well, I might as well just admit that I'm not going to do a long and detailed blow by blow report of the hijinks out at Paradise. I've started doing so half a dozen times already.

I spent hours at a time in the pool floating on those noodle things, head back and ears underwater. What a great way to meditate.

I had such a good crew doing first aid that I never had to worry about it when I took off my radio and got down to some good old fashioned fun. Thanks, guys and gal, you were great, each and every one of you!

There were wonderful blow jobs and fistings given and received and butt fuckings and piercings and floggings and just fun after fun after fun. Thursday evening was a handfasting for two of the most delicious young people ever. The fun ran from midday Thursday until late afternoon Monday. Following the exhausting long weekend with Sagacity with another long weekend even more wonderfully depleting, I'm finding myself here on the 11th, well over a week later, still recovering from it all. Damn, but it was all so good.


Troy just brought by some photos taken by Malixe Photography of our ritual. My apologies for the lousy layout and such - Heather and Jane and Katt are the good artists and techies in the family. Me, I'm just a plodding slut who wants to see the pictures.  


Freshly pierced and ready to start. The lopsided grin is the 6" skewer in through the right cheek and out the mouth.

From the left, myself, Panther, Troy, and Stephanie.

Troy, leaning into the lines, with Steph on the right.

Being a tree.

It was a wonderful ritual, earthy, bloody, and with family. It was a privilege to break flesh with three such powerful people and it was great to reflect on the man who brought us all together.

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