September 23rd

Man, I've gotta have the best dad in the world. I put Dad on the plane to Phoenix for the winter last week and he's doing fine down there. I just got a note in the mail that says, "Hi. I thot you might find this interesting. Dialysis is going well. Getting used to the hot weather! Love, Dad."

The trick is, the clipping he enclosed for me was this. For you who don't chase my links, the headline read: "Pride Day prepared by pagans in the Valley; Event near equinox celebrates openness."

This from a 76, nearly 77, year old man who never left the world of Ozzie & Harriett, Leave it to Beaver, and Donna Reed. He's never done anything like this before. He's accepted me as I am, but never offered anything like this. I love that guy.

Well, Hanne and I got to Victoria Thursday and it was just like setting off for Jurassic Park. The ferry left in a white fog, maybe 80 yards visibility. The further we sailed - it's about an hour trip - the fog slowly lifted until we were steering through the islands between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay with green trees on the islands and sun reflecting off the waves. The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there. Hanne had a book reading and a workshop scheduled at the Bleeding Rose.

April and Sally, the owners of Bleeding Rose are a wonderful couple both in life and in business. What they are doing with their shop is more than a job or a store - it's a community builder. They have a coffee shop in the bookstore now, with a fetish store downstairs. It's a networking center. It's a drop in center. It's a gossip center. It's an action center. I couldn't recommend more highly this establishment as a place for all queer, kinky, vanilla, transgender, straight, or any other folk to patronize. They are good people.

I suppose I primarily focused on the Sensation Play workshop scheduled for Friday evening, since I was the designated stunt bottom. Those of you who know me know about how often I bottom, but this was just plain fun. Dozens of instruments for gifting sensation to your partner, most of them ordinary household objects, and I was forced - forced, I say - to endure all this pleasure. Even more fun was watching what happened in the crowd around us as the toys were passed around for show & tell. Shirts were discarded, shoes removed, and giggles abounded. In advertising and an article in their local indie paper a challenge had gone out to attendees to "stump the Hanne". Bring ordinary objects that had no fetish value, such as a tupperware plate, and see what suggestions she would have. For the first time in however many times she has done this workshop someone actually brought a rubber chicken! It not only made a nice thuddy butt flogger, but pecking at nipples with it's beak made a handy humiliation/nipple play tool.

Saturday morning we had split second scheduling - a 5am wake up call, a 7am ferry, and ... but we woke without a wake up call at 703am. Including the 3 minutes we spent harping at the front desk manager, we pulled onto the 8am ferry [30 minutes from the hotel] as one of the last two cars on, and we did in fact make it back to Seattle in time. At 3pm another sensation play workshop was planned, this time at the Wet Spot. I wasn't to be the stunt bottom this time, but rather the very lovely and voluptuous Molly, of Zenslut was to be the victim. The workshop went off largely like the one in Victoria, except that there was a something extra added. After all the tools from feather to garden weasel were used, Molly exposed her lovely head to toe skinhood and sat in a large tub [about 3' deep, 3' wide, and 5' long]. This is where the 'sensation' got really hinky. Hanne invited me up to help her as we dripped everything from shampoo to cold cream to toothpaste to cocoa butter on her. A third of the supplies had been at room temperature, a third in a large steel basin of ice water, and the remainder in a large bucket of hot water. With the sequence of hot and cold totally chaotic, and her giggles and squeals non stop, it was a merry time.

After the clean up, Molly and Hanne and I came back to my place for Rickshaw carryout and conversation. I think I'm in RedHeadLust with Molly. We had a great conversation, the three of us, and I got to introduce Molly to the goddess that is Ute. Finally it was time for group hug and Molly moved on home. Hanne was for early sleep, and I had a committment at the Wet Spot to deliver a birthday spanking.

Sunday evening was yet another reading, this at Toys in Babeland. Reading from her books Shameless and Best Transgender Erotica, she was joined by four other authors in the anthologies, all of whom read. Great voices, wonderful smut, and rapt faces on the crowd all around. A fine evening, and the wrap up to a fine weekend. Hanne has a workshop at Babeland Tuesday evening, and then leaves for home Wednesday morning. It's been a busy & fun week. She has done kitchen magic here, has perverted my cat's attentions the entire week, and our conversations have been rich. I'm gonna miss her.

Life continues to be full and good.

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