September 18th

OK, Blue Blazer Irregulars, I'm just posting a quickie place-holder update here and I should be back sometime this weekend.

My houseguest, Hanne Blank, arrived last night and all of a sudden my house has two residents instead of one. She's on a booktour of Washington and B.C., and in between her appearances we're enjoying ourselves. At the moment she's in the kitchen doing magic of an unknown sort - I can just smell the onions and I know there's salmon involved, but other than that it's a whirlwind of kitchen woowoo. Peter is soooooooooooooooo happy.

Tonight is a reading at the Wet Spot, and then at some obscene hour tomorrow we'll be hitting a ferry for Victoria, for a couple of days. She has a reading one day and a workshop the other with the nice folks at Bleeding Rose. Saturday we're on an even more terribly early ferry to get back here for a workshop in the afternoon at the Wet Spot. She'll also be at Toys in Babeland a couple of times, and by about a week from today all this will suddenly turn back into the world I knew up to yesterday.

I'll try to send some postcards. Don't wait up for me.

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