Sep 29th

And now the old Other Job is gone. After 3 years, much of it in turmoil and grief, I've moved on. A year ago I was in hot water, much of it debatable in my mind, but it was a very troubling time. I took it on to change myself, my work ethic, my tasks, everything, and not only did so, but did so well. A year ago leaving would have included slinking away. Yesterday it involved a facility-wide pot luck going away party and the director making nice noises, and my walking out with my head up. Never underestimate the value of dignity and self esteem.

Sooooooo, with absolutely no segue, no intervening vacation or breath of fresh air, this morning was my first official full-time day at the new Other Job, and I think it's going to go well. My hopes are to be bored soon after a learning curve, and that would be so welcome right about now. Several years working on an involuntary psych ward, a couple in a dementia specialty home, the past several at a detox type place - I'm ready for lowering my blood pressure. We'll see how it goes.

Nia had a date with Kevin and 200' of hemp rope tonite, and I was signed up to be a Dungeon Monitor from midnight til the 3am closing, so I arrived on a lazy schedule mid evening. I'd been chatting with a new friend, Alair, who is recently out of a relationship and hungry for play. We had some of the initial negotiations and decided a nice introductory spanking would be nice. Out on the dungeon floor I got a waist high barrel and handcuffed her over it, toucas in the air. I played music - percussion, at least - on her for 20-30 minutes, much of it resonating on her nether bits, until she was just kinda quivering and shaking, and we went off to snuggle and calm down a bit.

When I came out of the back room one of the DMs told me that they hadn't wanted to interrupt me, but that Kevin had been asking for me. I ran around to the other back room, where he and Nia had been playing, but I got there just in time to see them kicking back wrapped in blankets and in kind of a glazed over afterglow. As described in Kev's words, it must have been a wonderful network of rope and beauty. I helped Nia walk over to sit down and join Annika, Dragon Lady, Viktor and a few other friends and she started pushing some serious chocolate.

Alair, looking drained herself in a good way, went on home as I went on duty DMing. It was a quiet night. I didn't have much to monitor, really, and caught up on conversation with Jim about Janes Guide stuff. In a group cuddle on a couple of couches was the group above expanded to include Kevin, Boop, Dragon Lady, Viktor, Nia, Annika, and a few others passing through. Over the space of the next couple of hours there was a lot of nothing done, very comfortably. I think it was time spent splendidly.

Life continues, even as war looms. To continue my affirmation - life is good. Keep saying it with me.

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