Sep 27th

I know, I know, I've heard from a bunch of friends and strangers asking where I've been, checking in, seeing how I'm doing.

Life has been full, and much fuller of change than I've been used to.

Regular readers will remember over the past year or so how unhappy I've been at my Other Job. I'm finally moving, and last week and this I'm working both jobs. I'm afraid my work at Janes Guide has been minimal, my journal writing has been non-existent, and I'm working 8-14 hour days some 12 out of 14 days or so. Starting next week the old Other Job will be done and I'll be settling into the learning curve of the new Other Job. My hopes are that I'll be working at a much lower stress level, much more dignity, a bit more money, and in general a significantly lower blood pressure. Time will tell.

Other dynamics in my day-to-day are shifting as well, part of the ongoing evolution we call life. I'll soon post comments here as well. Bear with me, boys and girls.

In short, there has been play, ritual, gift trading off of Amazon Wish Lists with friends, watching Mariners games, John Ashcroft's power grab, and getting as much sleep as possible [which has never been quite enough]. Life ain't bad, has the potential to improve drastically, and in general is quite good, barring of course the war. Please consider this an I.O.U. for more thorough updates yet to come.

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