September 17th

Well, it turned into a long day. Actually seemed like several different days duct taped together, but all was well.

First of all, Patrick Bear, the man who owns the salon that Al D pierces out of, told me last week that he could help salvage my raggedy split ends head of hair. I scheduled a 1pm appointment Saturday afternoon for him to work his magic. Note, by the way, that Patrick told me that their website was still under construction, but I listed it above anyhow, as it is an evolving work but is intact as it is.

Back home mid afternoon I was required, of course, to watch the Mariners wallop the living daylights out of the Orioles. Sorry, Cal. Woohoo! Pennant fever!

By 7pm I was at the Wet Spot, sitting through New Member Orientation one more time. Red was up from Portland, and since tonite was to be her first visit to the Spot, that's where we met. Once the Wet Spot Goddess finished her Mom talk, we escaped to a bite of dinner at Pandasia. Well, _I_ had a bite of dinner; Red was a bit queasy and sneezy and such and watched me eat.

Red and I had first met at LIL in July, and exchanged names, but we had never played. She emailed me a few weeks ago telling me she was to be in Seattle on business, and we negotiated online back and forth to find some comfort levels. We decided on a bit of sensory dep, with a bit of this'n'that added.

First of all, a couple of comments about the canvas upon which I was to work. Red is a buxom young lady, late 20s, with curly natural red hair, freckles from here to Dublin, the sort of abundantly perfect body only gifted by the Goddess to a few, and a large collection of piercings and tattoos, some still works in progress.

I put big soft cushie headphones on her, with Mickey Hart's 'Music To Be Born By' , a blindfold over her eyes, and began to saran wrap her head to toe. Once she was totally immobilized, arms and legs individually wrapped and then wrapped to her body, unable to do anything other than wiggle her toes, I had half a dozen big burly guys help her to levitate up onto the massage table. [She later told me that was one of her favorite parts of the whole thing, floating up in six or eight hands in mid-air.]

I left her be for a few minutes, to settle into her mellow, and then began to tinker. Exposed her nipples and labia and attached mousetraps to all four, with fishing weights hanging from each one off the table. A clothes pin here or there for a while, a bit of this or that sensation, and eventually moved into some needleplay on her breasts, and on to manual pleasure. All very tentative on my part, feeling my way slowly in a First Play Date way. I ended up pulling her out of the wrap by over-caution ... I checked in with her with a "How ya doin'?" a couple of times after she had gotten a bit gaga, and she didn't respond, so I opted to peel her out, but then she later told me that she simply hadn't heard me. Ah well, the sorts of things that happen when you're just getting to know each other. We still got in a good hour and a half or so of fun before scenus interruptus.

After cleanup, we watched Panther's husband do a fire play demo, and then Red put me in the sling for a bit of practice at digital prostate exams. If she ever tries to do a for-real prostate exam with all four fingers as vigorously as she did mine, she'll chase her poor victims right out of the stirrups, but they'll jump with a smile. I quickly went feral, and it was a Happy Thing.

Red's heading back to Portland now, but I do think she enjoyed her visit here, and hopefully will return to play at the Wet Spot again as her schedule allows. The blank check has been written.

One footnote - Jane, dear... I read your journal Saturday. If you feel like you were struck with the Ugly Stick, please feel free to enjoy your own reality, but what _I_ saw tonite of you was incredibly beautiful. I walked around the room and 98% of the folks around the room were stretching their necks trying to watch you, including yours truly. It must have been an awfully scrawny Ugly Stick.

Once I got home late I did a bit of catching up on past movies I'd missed.

Besson's 'The Big Blue', director's cut, with the great Jean Reno of 'Leon' and 'Nikita' fame. He has never looked better. God, what a great movie! A couple of the funniest scenes I've ever seen - opening a bottle of champagne sitting underwater on the bottom of a swimming pool, and the dolphin-knapping - and yet I was misty-eyed at one of the most poignant of movie endings.

After that, 'Consenting Adults'. Kevin Spacey has never looked sleazier and Kevin Kline spent the first half of the movie looking like the same oblivious whitebread suburbanite that he does so well. The last ten minutes he gets his macho up... well, until his wife has to save him. Another movie made by those silly monogamists; it would be hard to justify the plot in a poly world.

And that's enough, time to hit the sack. I need at least a couple hours of sleep before first pitch of the Mariners Sunday game. A good full weekend, all crammed into one short Saturday. Life is good.

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