September 12th

Sunday evening was such a nice low key pleasant experience. Got together with Labyrinth at her place. She made a nice beef stew from scratch and had a big loaf of fresh sourdough to butter up and dip in the stew. Yummie! We sat around and watched videos and talked about this and that for a couple of hours and she sent me home with a dozen or so videos from her collection [bigger than mine!!] to save me on rentals. Just a comfie evening amongst friends and a very welcome interlude.

So what happens Monday night, on my return to work? I entertained every friggin loonie who could peek outside and see the full moon. Twelve straight hours of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. I felt like I had 'Please Fuck With Me' tattooed on my forehead. Whatever mellow I had walking into work from the nice weekend was gone, and I had this sense of being Ned Beatty running through the woods from the Toothless Man.

I'll work on a new Zen. I have two more days of my Other Job and then I can prepare for Saturday, when Red comes up from Portland and we get to play. Now that is something I can hold onto. I'll just chant 'Desiderata' under my breath until I have reach my bliss [note my woowoo moment here and please genuflect appropriately]. Given enough caffeine and taking serious time before work to do some PeeWee Herman moviegoing, I may make it.

I know life is good, dammit, but it can also truly fuck with your mellow.

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