September 9th

I hadn't had the Mean Green Machine in my possession in several weeks. First of all it spent some time very well spent at Jane and Jim's home, and then when they returned it last week, it went out immediately to Kevin. He's regaled me with wonderful tales of the multiple orgasms he gave to three different beauties last week. I saw a small bit of it and when I had to leave early I left behind my envy and my electrical toys. Now Saturday nite this week we got back together. Kev brought me all my toys and we set up to electrocute him in a highly sensual way, as we've done so many times.

As we were schmoozing with friends prior to the fun, a friend of mine expressed some interest in viewing, even helping, with the scene. I don't really think Kev had known her previously. She travels quite a bit and hadn't had the opportunity to play with anyone in some time. Aine, by the way, is a beautiful blond goddess, a vision in black, and Kevin absolutely leaned into the concept of her helping. As I started hooking him up to this machine or that machine I secured Kevin's permission to let Aine do the insertion of his conductive butt plug. Hehehehehe. I had remembered Aine's comments of a while back mentioning that she was "...very anal, top and bottom both...".

We did one of our standard issue half a dozen machines going at once electrical scenes. The MGM hooked up to a couple of patches, a cock ring, Kevin's 8ga Prince Albert, and a defibrillator paddle. Bipolar clips on his nipples hooked to a TENS unit. Homemade crank box with a couple of patches on the legs, and the PES [] kept his butt plug pulsating and pistoning in and out. We did some variations now and then like clothes pins on the penis and scrotum, masturbation, and suchlike, but after an hour or two we sort of hit a plateau. As sometimes happens, we ground on for a bit and I figured we weren't going to peak any further, so I backed off and peeled all the patches and clips off of him. Right about then, bless his heart, Kev looked up and asked Aine if she'd please try to fit her entire hand up his kazooty.

Happy day. Kev got up on his hands and knees on the padded table we were using, his bomb bay doors right in front of her, and we tossed all the wiring and hardware out of the way. Between Kevin's, mine, and a couple of DMs' offerings, I think we went through most of the lube bottles we could find. The stunning scene of this beautiful blond, black silk blouse sleeves rolled up above her latex gloves and a look of intense dedication on her face, was wonderful to see. I stood at her side and kept feeding lube in, and on occasion helped her steady her hand and even leaned into it to help her penetration a bit.

Oh, so much fun. Once we were done [I'm glad she had taken her watch off earlier...] we moved around cleaning up and while I was out washing my hands Kevin had asked Aine what he could possibly do for her. When I walked back into the room Aine smiled at me and said, "I asked Kevin if he would fist me - would you like to help?" If I had an animated journal, this is where the smile would be inserted.

We three quickly cleaned up the room and stored all my equipment out of the way, and gathered our supplies - and found much more lube - over near the sling in the main room. We tied her feet in her fuckme heels up to the chains at head height, pillow behind her head and towels everywhere, and commenced to start what was my first tag team four-hand fisting. I started lubing her and stroking her clit gently with my right hand while inserting my left hand, and Kev was feeding me lube constantly. After a pleasant while I kept my right stroking Aine's clit while gesturing to Kevin - with smaller hands - to take over insertion. Gradually I reached under his busy hands and inserted my right index finger in her back door. Wheee! I was active above and below, and Kevin was making major inroads in the middle. We had side by side stools at the foot of the sling and I have no idea how long we were there... but we were there and actively working it til Aine had what she later said was her first full blown orgasm from being fisted. Yeehaw.

I don't know about the rest of the building, but I know three people who definitely know that life is good!

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