September 8th

One of life's little pleasures is finding people who like what you like. Tonight was a first date with Rapunzel, a friend of friends. I'd known that we had a small amount of common ground [I like to spank, she likes to be spanked], but I knew that for the most part the over the top sorts of public spectacle I do enjoy, pierce the medulla oblongata while humming 'Singing In The Rain' ankle deep in hemorrhage, wasn't her thing. She did read my entire journal though, end to end, and wasn't scared off. We decided to do dinner and chat and find out what we both felt like.

I picked her up this evening around 7 and we headed up to Changs Mongolian Grill on Capital Hill. Right away she made me feel at ease, right at home. "I need to get some coffee"... "Oh, good, meat!" Ordered the same soup I did, piled on just as much garlic as I did at the sauce bar, in a bunch of simple ways I was made comfortable with her company. After dinner we wandered up the street, window shopped, enjoyed the same street parade White Jade has talked about. Got Sarah Brightman's new album at Cellophane Square and browsed new releases at Bailey Coy Books .

Back in the car, driving her home, I stumbled onto - let's be real, she fed me my clues - some wonderful new erogenous zones. What a joy! It's her business what they are, but they're simple and she responds so sensually it was marvelous to see, and didn't even affect my steering the car too much.

Now, let me plead sincerity here. I had every intention of having a nice how-are-you dinner, chat, talk about this and that, perhaps if we were both inclined talk about getting together at some point in the future for a little exploratory play. I spent some time ala 'Something About Mary' in the afternoon morking the mindy, to take the predatory edge off. I even wore old ratty underpants, on the assumption no one would be seeing them.

It took maybe ten minutes on the couch at her house, my cup of tea ignored, before a roommate jiggling his key in the front door lock drove us to more private quarters. We had a fantastic time exploring the simple joys of vanilla gettin-to-now-ya. OK, I did do some spanking, but hell - in my life spanking is pretty damn vanilla.

It was a lot of fun. She's a really nice lady, knows everything about me that might send others running for the hills but didn't run. I'm not going to give up using Black and Decker for foreplay for some of my other partners, but it's a happy thing to welcome her on her own terms, which are pretty damn exciting on their own.

Life is good.

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