September 7th, Late

Slowly, gradually, I'm getting better and past the strep throat. I worked several days at the Other Job this week, much better but still congested a bit, and have a full weekend of decadence coming up. Today was weird - only a few hours sleep, interrupted by several phone calls, watching the Mariners win big time in Toronto, and doing my pre-date dolphin polishing.

Early evening I went down to the south end and Omaha and I had dinner and then we finally saw 'X-Men'. That was a fun and fine movie - much less a simple cartoon than I thought it would be. Omaha and I are restarting our every-third-week date. It's been a fun thing off and on for quite some years. Dinner tonight we both reminisced over many of the fun times we've had and as well negotiated a bit about the future. She's one year post partum and is still figuring out what her tastes are now.

One of the fun things about dating Omaha is her very cute husband, whom I've also dated. When I dropped her off after the movie I walked her to the door and told her I only wanted to hug her, rain check on swapping spit, cuz I didn't want to leave her any of the germs left my antibiotics are still killing. The door opened, and her hubby stood there in a bathrobe, the cutest legs hanging out, and told us to come do our hugging indoors. Hehehehehe. I gave him a hug too and headed on out. On the way North, I stopped by the Wet Spot to flirt a bit with friends at their Thursday night Grind dance, and then on home.

I waded in a quagmire of mediocre web sites tonite, trying to find enough to review that was worthy. I did a couple sites, but fell asleep over half a dozen more that weren't even worth pissing on. Some that we see - ComputErotika that I reviewed tonight being a fine example - are original, clever, and well done. So many are the same old same old stroll through Times Square.

I've been enjoying the diverse variety of life experiences out there in JournaLand. Discussion recently on a local mailing list has surrounded amateur journalists, the motivations and inspirations, the ethics and the wordsmithing. A look over my Favorites List that I skim through every day casts a wide shadow.

One friend, at Coyote Beautiful is newly home and recovering from Burning Man, and Vamp is juggling significant family responsibilities in a family that's about to grow, and still producing text at a prodigious rate. Meanwhile Katt and Wolfie up in Vancouver BC at Erotimania are wading soul deep in the wonderful throes of newfound poly love. Jane is trying the pop culture moral lessons of Harry & Sally on for a fit, while Lydia is diving deeply into research some thousands of years older in her updating of 'Metamorphoses'. As Panther is frolicking on the rug with her new puppy, White Jade is sharing her time between her abundant family life, her rich spiritual life, and the realization that Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince', written in 1513, is the most applicable workplace reference for upwardly mobile geeks. Me, I'm just trying to keep the bar set high for middle aged white guy sluts.

I've been enjoying the mail I've been getting from both friends and - more often - from perfect strangers who have stumbled onto this journal. Some folks have been apologetic in writing - hell, people, everyone enjoys fan mail! Don't apologize. I thank you all very much for the mail.

Jane has been setting up a Notify List for this journal, similar to the one she has for her own. Please do subscribe so you'll know when new adventures hit the net!

Life is good. Widely diverse, documented in every which weird way, and good.

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