September 3rd, Midnight

Oh, dear... I really have to watch my video rental selection a tad bit better. I've done many films this last week as I've been ill, and tonite when I got home I had just a couple left to watch from the last stack. I just now finished 'Philadelphia', in all of it's emotion. It's so close to me, having lost too many friends to the plague, that I hadn't watched it since early '94 when I went to a pre-release benefit performance. I cried then, and I cried again tonight. And what's left in the stack of videos to put in next? Steve Martin's 'The Jerk'. Talk about nonsequitur emotional speed bumps!

The other ones in the same stack, that I watched the night before - 'Any Given Sunday' [great ensemble cast; a guy movie], 'Mean Streets', and 'Mighty Aphrodite'. Can't really think of any of those that would have followed any smoother than 'The Jerk'. Anyhow...

This evening started out with a much more recent movie - 'The Cell' , currently a subject of a lot of controversy amongst kinkoids such as myself. People have been arguing back and forth about it 'not representing us properly' , not being 'SSC' or some such PC drivel.

This movie didn't represent 'my community'. Yes, Vincent D'Onofrio's character hung from skin hooks and I've hung from skin hooks. BFD. Body piercings was about all we had in common. He stalked his prey; I meet play partners through friends, or on the net, or at parties or such. He kidnapped his prey, stuck them in 10' fishtanks and drowned them, then visualized fucking them while hanging in mid air above them; I tend to fix dinner and offer orgasms that involve agreeable contact. Somehow I don't really see a helluva lot of correlation.

Now, did I find parts of this movie exciting? Absodamlutely. It was a tremendously exotic and erotic movie. My date and I found ourselves looking at each other at entirely different times than everyone else in the theatre, and when one 'expert' character in the movie explained why people hung from skin hooks it was entirely different from my experience, but yeah I found much of the imagery to be stunning and arousing.

Of course, I felt similarly about watching Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr in 'The King & I' a few days ago, and largely for very similar reasons. And, I don't really recall anyone ever trying to castigate Yul for not representing all bald men properly when he was wearing brocade pantaloons.

A note here, by the way. Jennifer Lopez may be pleasant to view but shouldn't quit her day job. Vincent D'Onofrio ['Full Metal Jacket', 'Blood of Heroes', 'Mystic Pizza', 'Men In Black', 'Velocity of Gary'] on the other hand, once again confirms to me that he is one of the most underrated and superb actors of the young generation.

Go see this movie, leave your agenda at home, see it on a large screen and simply enjoy the spectacle.

The antibiotics seem to be helping now, and I'm sure that I'll be back to work at my Other Job Monday night. Saturday night I did a DM shift at the Wet Spot 9-12, and it felt great to be back in the saddle again, but at the crack of midnight I turned myself into a pumpkin and beat feet home. I was pretty depleted and in no shape to play. I left the Mean Green Machine with Kevin, who was in prime form having the time of his life, electrifying two young beauties that Sol brought in. It was great seeing Kev have such fun and I wish I'd felt good enough to stick around, but getting home seemed wisest.

It's no fun being sick, and I've missed a goodly bit of sluthood over the past week. I'll be making up for lost time over the next few weeks, Goddess willing.

Life has got to get back to the solid 'good' it's been for so long.

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