September 1st

Well, third day got worse, looking like strep throat instead of just a lousy head cold. Into Group Health today, always a challenge.

The nurse took me right in and gave me good care. Then I got to the Pharmacy.

Ya know all those people who fail the US Postal Worker's entrance exam? They work in the Group Health Pharmacy. I stood in the wrong line. Then I stood in another line. Then one of two clerks waited til the line was about 20 people long and went to lunch. I raised a stink [damn near incited a mutiny] but NOone in the pharmacy - had to be 25 people in there at least - nobody was willing to either man the other desk OR to admit to being in charge. I just got directed towards (a) the back of the line and (b) the Administrative offices upstairs if I wanted to complain.

I waited. Got my meds. Then I went upstairs and filled out an official complaint. Speaking as a long time healthcare provider myself I well understand the importance of HMO patients being informed and proactive consumers. I've yet to have a visit where at some point or another vigilance, persistance, and outspoken pushiness hasn't been needed in visiting Group Health.

I'm scheduled to DM tomorrow night at the Wet Spot. Hopefully by then life will be good. Right now I'm just working on a quart container of chinese chicken soup.

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