Other Journals: I read most of these often, or at least check for updates. The list evolves and permutates constantly. Most recently updated April, 2004.

Jane - My inspiration, my boss, and one of my favorite people. Knowing her closely as a friend, I read her journal in her voice in my head.

Vamp - My smutsister - a fellow website reviewer for Janes Guide. She is also a long time friend and occasional play partner. For a young single mother living in the middle of East Bumfuck, she is an amazingly prolific writer in kinkdom. For those of you who think I'm an 'edge player', please show respect to this lady. The day will come when she's respected widely for the potent writer and activist that she is.

Panther - This young lady is one with whom I've been allowed to share both play and ritual space. She has her own journal, which is brutally honest and charming, but unfortunately not kept up for some time now. I have every hope she'll regain her enthusiasm for journalling when the time is right. She has no idea how powerful of a being she really is.

Erotiania/Katt's Journal - A kinky beauty and headshaving enthusiast from Vancouver, BC. I enjoy the adventures and spirit of she and her husband and partner Wolfe, both happily bisexual, polyamorous and quite kinky. Her diary is illustrated wonderfully and ever so honest through smooth times and rough. Do take note that both she and Wolfie are very yummy! You can find Wolfe's journal here.

Heather - The energetic sex-positive writer, editor, photographer, artist, and freckle-positive goddess behind Scarlet Letters, Femmerotic, and Scarleteen; she is one who writes with an often painfully honest pen and is a sex positive hero to many. Her Scarleteen site gives honest and positive sex advice to teens, something that would have saved me 30 years in the closet had it existed in the 60's. Having met her I can attest that she is much cuter than the photographs she illustrates her work with, and the pictures are most excellent.

Pornographer's Diary - Lydia is a local Pacific Northwest author and videographer with definite opinions she expresses better than most. The work being done by her company Millers Work in the way of sex-positive smut is worthy, and her personal writings never fail to be provocative and engrossing. An active hero in the fight for our sexual civil rights.

Debra Hyde - She both writes a diary as a polyamorous submissive, and she also has the best almost-daily sex news updates around in her Pursed Lips blog. Again, an active and worthy neighbor of mine in the Sex Diarist Ghetto[tm].

Susie Bright - This is the link to Susie's website. Susie has gossip, rants and raves, and other entertaining sex positive stuff. Susie has been an activist, a prolific writer and artist, and a dedicated brunette bundle of energy in the war for our sexual rights her entire adult life. If I'm a buck sergeant in the Sex Positive Army, Susie has got to be some sort of general, which may explain my instinct to salute her when I first met her a while back.

Elf Sternberg. One of the most prolific writers I know, Elf is a friend of many years. His journal is updated often, and he frequently has links to stuff I needed to know and didn't even realize it until I read his link. He hits sex, politics, cooking, parenting, geekdom, and much more. He is a net legend, being the long time curator of the alt.sex FAQ, as well as the author of an incredible body of work you can find either through his site or at ASSTR.

Hanne Blank - A wonderful person I've been lucky enough to become good friends with. I'm a reader of her journal and a long time admirer of her work in sex positive publications, as an author, editor, and publisher, both print and online. As with many of the other folks listed in this list that I admire, she has been a mover and shaker for years in the world of sexual civil rights activism. What I didn't know until I first began reading her journal was that she and I both got off the same space ship upon arrival on Planet Earth in our culinary and musical interests. [Not skills - she is an artist and I'm a pedestrian mucker.] Our recipes might be different but our zest for the food adventure are of similar magnitude, and we've found that the music in my collection that my friends run away from, she not only likes but she has further suggestions of her own!

Darling Bri - Sabrina is an expatriate American in London. She is active in her own way, in her own life, in her own words, as a sexual rights activist. Straight, vanilla, monogamous [she claims all of these, and I think they're all negotiable...] - for some reason she worries that she doesn't qualify to be a sexual activist with us bipolykinkyandworse freaks. Guess what, Bri - you do just fine. Her work at Satin Slippers, her woman's erotica effort is wonderful. I think readers of my journal will read Bri and find our differences to actually be our bonding similarities.

girlfag. A friend I won't further identify, but who persistently has thought provoking and challenging writing.

Sexuality Reviews Index - Not a personal journal, per se, but several friends write here, some in journal format. The update index for Sexuality.org.