October 24th

Oh, y'all are too nice. A simple little entry like I did a couple of days ago and I got over a dozen nice notes welcoming me back to the world of journaling, and congratulating me on the lovely lady I was bragging on. Life is indeed good.

And it's been a good weekend. Friday night Ealain and I went to the Gender Explosion 2005, which was a fund raiser for an association that does support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender survivors of abuse. We were joined by the young man who Ealain has recently started topping, for our first 'three corner' date. The entertainment included the Queen Bees, Miss Indigo Blue [founder of Twirly Girl, a site I reviewed for JG a while back] and Sylvia O'Stayformore, as well as quite a few other performance artists. It was good fun, although the girl on the soundboard must have been deaf, as I had to put in ear plugs just to avoid ear pain. Sylvia was great. I'd not seen her before, although Ealain has interviewed her in the past. She was great fun and I think we'll be getting tickets to her February show at Thumpers, a local gay restaurant/bar. I've seen Miss Indigo Blue before and she's quite a polished performer. The Queen Bees? I've seen them several times in the past few months and they're always a lot of fun. The three of us had late tea and snacks and conversation over at Ealain's, and then I crashed there after the young man went home.

Saturday morning Ealain and I drove up to Bellingham to see my dad. It was his last day in town before heading to Arizona for the winter. The three of us went down to the Shrimp Shack, one of Dad's favorite lunch places. It's an old and beloved institution in Bellingham, although it had to move into a modern place a while back when the original place was condemned. It was Ealain's first opportunity to try a nice mug of clam nectar. After her first sip, that mug became my second mug; she was just disimpressed with it. It's great to spend time with Dad, and he is very welcoming of the young lady in my life.

Once back in town - and I gotta tell ya, with a 2 hour drive each way on visits to Dad, it's great to have a co-driver - we got ready for a bit of fun at the Spot. We tossed a few things back and forth and ended up with a plan that is about a light year different from the standard issue "I tie you up and then flog you and then we have sex" scheme. First up, we just sat down in facing chairs with a small table between us. I relaxed back in the chair, closed my eyes and she slowly and carefully gave me a finger by finger manicure, and a hand/wrist massage, ending up with an exquisite finger sucking, one by one. Next up she sat behind me, straddling the ob/gyn table, and gave me a very nice neck and shoulder massage, including some bracing invigorating back percussion. Once we were done with that I moved on with something she had asked for and suggested, but it was another of those "boy, do I regret askin' for that!" moments. "You could cane my tits and my butt to warm me up for the needles," she had said. So I did. Apparently it wasn't quite the nice gentle warm up before the piercings she had anticipated. Alas. In the piercings - a handful of needles in the breasts, and then a few along the inner thighs on both sides - it really stirred up a lot of energy, and a long of energy blew off each time she screamed. We drove on home both feeling fairly depleted - her from the piercings and me from a really sore knee acting up that I first messed up 25 years ago. "I'm too fried to have sex - how about you?" "Me too - morning sex?"

And morning sex it was. I won't break down the detail, but it was some of the most powerful, intimate, and cathartic sex I've had in many years. Very much a significant wowzer.

We stopped at the Ballard Farmer's Market for some great produce and stuff on the drive back to drop Ealain off at her Capital Hill apartment. I hit Blockbuster for a couple of rentals for after the World Series this evening, and on home to get a bunch of work done.

One comment, by the way about the World Series... Ealain is originally from St Louis. My kid sister and my old friend Panther are from Boston. Me - I'm just rooting for good baseball all the way around.

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  • I'll talk with ya again soon, folks. Keep repeating after me - Life is indeed quite Good.

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