October 21st

So what's a little six month hiatus amongst friends? [smileys should be inserted right about here]

First of all, I'd like to thank all the many people who have dropped me notes or called and asked if I'm all right. I am, of course, doing just fine. Along with Vamp, I keep on trucking here at Janes Guide doing site reviews, as I have since January of 1999. My Other Job continues to be a Good Thing, finishing up my third year there. My health isn't bad, the DVD inventory is up to about 350, my finances still suck, there is hope for the Mariners for next year, and day to day life just keeps getting better than ever.

What has been revolutionary for me over the past six months has been the relationship which has grown between myself and the young lady I nicknamed Ealain [and Goddess only knows I should have picked a less pretentious nickname for her... she's a wonderfully grounded person without the slightest artifice]. I believe I first mentioned her, and described her, here. We've found in each other someone who helps to complete ourselves. If we had encountered each other 10 years ago, neither of us would have thought much of the other. What is marvelous is that each of us has grown to a point through very different paths to where right now, right here, she and I are a damned good match.

Blame it on her that I'm reappearing right now. The first few years of this journal I did a lot of "Hey, lookit me! Ain't it neat!" And that was fun. I still like doing shit like that, showing off in public, creating exotic scenes, being a kinky Rube Goldberg, and having way too much fun than is proper for the decorum expected of a man of my years. I didn't really think about it much, six months ago, but I just sort of grew into this relationship not feeling like flapping around in public. I never thought, "Well, I'm not gonna write about this" - I just didn't. Perhaps I didn't want to jinx the budding relationship, I don't know. I just stopped writing in here. Curiously, it was shortly after marking my fourth year anniversary of the journal, and I recall thinking at one point that if I ended it, then that was a good place for it. Ealain has encouraged me to start writing again. She is an artist - painter, filmmaker, and more - and recognised in me that I am a wordsmith. That I create with language similar to how she creates with other media, and she wants to encourage me to keep on keeping on. Bless her. I'm a richer person when writing.

Catsy has moved out, with his partner Jess and her 3-year-old boychild. They have an apartment nearby and close enough that Jess has promised to walk over to my office tomorrow with a hot apple cobbler for me. There are definitely rewards to having family within reach. He is working full time and more with a Major Online Marketing Firm and she just got a job this past week as well. Jobs come slow in this economy.

I'll write more soon. I promise. Life is too good not to. Love to all the Blue Blazer Regulars.

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