October 31st

I did buy the car from my friends, and am now adjusting to what feels like a land yacht compared little Millie. It's a 1973 Mercedes 450SE, in quite good shape. tomorrow is the first real field trial for it, driving to Bellingham to pick up Dad. He'll be over at my place Saturday night and then Sunday I drop him at SeaTac for his flight to Phoenix for a few months. Gads, but I'm going to miss having him near.

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The diet? Thanks for asking, dammit. I'm feeling healthier, Shawn tells me my face is getting thinner and I know I'm losing pedal edema, but my weight just isn't moving.

The solution is obvious to me. Portion control. So far I've been focussing on carb counting and treating everything with high carbs as a substance of abuse. Now I need to not only eat the right thing but to eat less of it.


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Shawn had her birthday last night and I enjoyed sitting with such a mixed group - Max and I were there, along side Shawn's brother and sister and her Mary Kay saleslady and a host of others. Now, I was pre warned by Abby some time ago about Mary Kay. What Abby didn't tell me was that these true believing christian cosmetic hawkers could be hot! Shawn gets her gunk and ointments from a really sexy lady. I did my best over several hours to build a strong case for a softening of her monogamous boundaries, but it's probably just a nice pipe-dream.

After the party and after stopping by the Grind - which looked a helluva lot like a dance that was cruise directed by Dante - we came back and crashed here. It's so good sometimes to fall asleep nestled into the complementary curves and bends of another naked body that is dear to you. Neither Shawn nor I have the chance often enough to do so. Shawn is quite dear to me and spooning with her is sweet.

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I just finished watching an excellent movie and I wanted to tell y'all about it. Whale Rider, from New Zealand. Apparently it was an audience favorite at every film festival it appeared at, Ebert gave it high marks, and any movie these days that can get an 88% Fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes has to be pretty doggone good. The score is by Lisa Gerrard, an inspired choice. There are many layers to the movie and I don't really think I have sufficiently gifted words to describe it, but what I would like to do is to recommend it highly, and to ask those who see it to drop me a note and tell me if you caught the magic that I did. I'll be looking for much more in the future from young Keisha Castle-Hughes, who has star quality.

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Life continues good. Let's talk soon, ok?

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