October 25th

The adjuster told me that Millie had indeed been kept in good shape, that it was now a total loss, and that bureaucrat #18895911E would call me within 1-2 business days to make me a [presumably] low ball offer. The good news is that I've been in touch with a local friend who has a car for sale that may work well for me. Hopefully the settlement will be sufficient. Oh - and the crowning justice? In today's mail was a notice from my insurance company letting me know how much my premiums on my now destroyed car will be going up.


Friday's weigh in was disheartening. Down 0.5 pounds for the week. Bah humbug. I'm unwavering in my determination though.

Appropriate of nothing sequitur, here's a picture I received recently, wearing one of my kilts on the boat I sailed to the pirate adventure that the Sagacity folks hosted in August. For some reason - even though it shows my belly to be the size of the Northwest Territories - I like the picture. I just sent a copy of it off to Megan at Utilikilts for their customers wearing kilts gallery.

For those of you who don't live in the Pacific Northwest, this is one teensy little thousandth of a percent of the natural beauty that keeps us up here suffering in our terrible rain.


Shawn has already chatted about last night at the Erotic City party some, but I guess I need to as well.

First of all I spent some time chatting with some folks about the car I mentioned above, that I might be buying. I drove it around the block and kicked the tires a bit. I also spent some nice quality time in the back room with the lady selling it, her hubby, and their girlfriend. Just a bit of fun sharing feelgoods amongst friends, and... well, fun.. First time for me with them, and I'll hope to join them again.

I schmoozed some and did a bit of this'n'that, and at one point was on the dance floor with Max and Shawn playing a bit of lick and kiss and stuff. Grab tittie squeeze cock fun. All of a sudden that really cute fellow with the 'sweetest smile' that I mentioned on 10/2 was walking by. He told us to call him '2501' here, so 2501 he is. We invited him to show Shawn's breasts some admiration and he ended up in the middle of a dance floor up close and personal standing up sandwich. 2501 was nursing on Shawn's breasts while I was behind him giving him a reach around, and Max was on our flank. This went on for about 2 or 3 lifetimes and then we decided to move over onto the pillow pile in front of the DVD player. Oh lawsy, it was fun. All different combinations and arrangements. Shawn was in pig heaven, with three bisexual men all paying equal attention to each other and to her. It's hard to believe the words people utter during and immediately after orgasm, but she was definitely making 'best O ever' noises a bunch of times. Far as I could see, we were all the luckiest guys/gal on earth there for an hour or so.

That's pretty much how things have been going. Good times, bad times, all mixed together and netting out to my realizing daily and freshly each time how thankful I am to any and all gods, goddesses, and ships at sea for how lucky I am in so much of my life in general. It's really a good thing. Not just a gimmick signature tag line - it just is.

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