October 18th

I guess this counts as a worthy grump.

Millie is dead.

At the stroke of midnight last night I was settling into a bed with clean flannel sheets and a nice pile of pillows dented exactly in the right place. One last nibble of an Atkins Chocolate Decadence bar, two sips of water, and close my eyes. Life just about as mellow and good as you would want.

And I heard a thump. A big thump.

In the couple of seconds to jump out of bed and open a curtain I see an old International Scout pulling out from behind my car and racing down the street.

Poor Millie. [within the license number are the letters MLE, so the affectionate nickname stuck]. I bought it from my Dad, who had cared for it lovingly. I always had empty espresso cups and old mail on the floor and stuff like that, but took her through Jiffy Lube religiously, just paid close to a hundred bucks to get her all winterized, and now the rear bumper is close to being in the back seat. The bumper sticker I recovered that had been taped to the rear window [Dance Naked - Body Modesty is a Social Disease] does have a chunk of glass still stuck to it.

The trunk was full of sentimental items I'd been planning on removing, which a friend is helping me extricate through the back seat now. Luckily, the only thing in the trunk that suffered damage was the cord to an old phone I'd been given and dropped into the trunk.

A witness apparently followed the vehicle that hit'n'run me, and gave the out of state tag to the officer who was so helpful. Sooner or later a culprit will be found. A tow truck will pick the car up this afternoon, and I will probably not see her again.

I'm already past the point of people reminding me how lucky I am not to have been in the car when it was hit. I know - but that isn't the comfort I need right now.

I need cheap dependable transportation. I have hit and run insurance and uninsured motorist insurance but no collision. I need to not unduly suffer financially for this fool's Friday night joy ride. I need my live to be dysviolated. I have too much living to do.


I'm still going to the Sextopia party I had planned to attend this evening, although my girlfriend will have to pick me up instead of my picking her up. If I ever needed a bit of escapism to remind me how good life is overall, tonight is one of the nights.

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