October 7th

Just a quickie on a couple of matters. First of all, I missed mentioning it - Sunday a couple of days ago, 9/28/03, was my 12th anniversary of quitting smoking. Twelve years ago my last cigarette ever was bummed from a friend after getting a flogging at the old Vogue down in Belltown. After 19 years of 2-3 packs a day, I swore I wouldn't become a born again non-smoker. I was wrong - can't stand the stuff now. Twelve years. Over 200,000 cigarettes not smoked, tens of thousands of dollars saved and invested in, now, my DVD collection. I haven't really thought about it, never paid much attention to the anniversary, but for some reason a dozen years sounded good to notice this year. Yay me!


Sunday last was fun. It was the second Bondage Is The Point party at the Wet Spot in a row where I've played with this lovely lady. Last month she asked me as I was leaving if I'd tie her up, and I improvised it on the spur of the moment as best I could. We both had a lot of fun and agreed to try it again this month.

I went through the various toy boxes and shelves downstairs and put together a bizarre hodgepodge of this'n'that that I thought might work, and it certainly seemed to satisfy both of us. First of all I put a full head black leather hood on her, laced up the back. Then I brought out 50' of brand new, not broken in, cheap, coarse, bristly, quite uncomfortable 1/2" rope and used the entire length to bind her large beautiful breasts and torso. By the time I had finished tying the knot at the end, her breasts were already starting to harden and get slightly purple. I had put the Posey leather ankle restraints - placed on a canvas bed belt similar to the one in this picture - on the hospital gurney already. She got up on the gurney, I secured her ankles, and then tied her wrists to the stretcher as well. I brought out a stainless steel medical ratcheted jaw spreader and opened her mouth up just to increase her sense of vulnerability.

Pretty picture - that's when I added the clothes pins to each nipple and aureola, then down in a row on the outer labia lips, then the inner labia lips, then the hood, and then one on the shaft of the clit itself, or close enough. I took a break to explore her soft palate with my knife point for a while, to give the clips a chance to settle into place. That's when Mr. Hitachi made an appearance. Such fun - buzzing the various clothes pins with the vibrator, then ripping the clothes pins off and just using the vibrator directly. Yeehaw.

After such fun we both needed some rest, so cuddled for a while in aftercare in the back. Nice soft touch is so soothing, and we both got soothed.

And I used to think I didn't like bondage!


The other and ugly side of the 12 years of no cigarettes is that it has also been 12 years of weight gain. I quit smoking at about 180 or 185. I'm weighing in these days at 265. It's unhealthy for me, for my joints, for my heart, for my lifespan. Shawn has lost 32 pounds the past 2 months with Adkins and I'm about to get started. I've been using her suggestions the past few days, building discipline. Tomorrow night I have dinner with she and her house mate Deco, who are mutually supporting each other on the diet. They're gonna give me some more tips and stuff.

I'm not watching the scale. I'm not micro managing my weight itself. I need to put my full attention on developing a healthy diet, and look forward to the day when I buy smaller clothes for the first time in over a decade.

Advice, war stories, success stories, dietary failures, send me whatever you've got out there, Blue Blazer Regulars. I want to keep right on going til I hit at least 200 and that's about 65 pounds from now.

Losing weight will make my life not only good, but much much longer.

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