October 2nd

Weekend update, close to a week late.

First of all, Wednesday evening I hosted Nico - in from Vancouver and a friend from 3WA - here. She was in town for a concert and had a glitch in hostel arrangements, so I offered my futon. We did Chen's Village and I took her to the drop-in night at the Wet Spot. She got to meet a lot of folks and we laughed our way through Mystery Porn Theatre 3000. I enjoy having house guests - they can testify that I really do have a fairly normal home - cat, fridge, dirty laundry, dungeon, pantry, and so forth.

Friday evening was a multiplicity of happiness. Shawn and I went to watch the Mariners wallop the Oakland A's. A meaningless game for the statistics, however it was a game of pride for the Mariners. They did indeed play proudly. Shawn and I had a ball, except for the seats being designed by Southwest Airlines, plus the lady to my right waving her baseball glove in my face had an alcohol fueled personality. After the game Shawn wanted to stop by the Wet Spot for the Erotic City party. Damn, we had fun. Big five-foot pillows in front of the porno DVD's and the skin exchange began. She rode me cowgirl for a while, and then I had her rest back while I gave her oral and worked up from one finger to four and a half. At one point she whispered to me I could have someone else join us and I looked up to see this tall beautiful fellow with the sweetest smile changing the smutty DVD's. I whispered to him that her breasts were being sadly neglected and the three of us kept on for a good 20 minutes or more. His rich dark brown coloring against her so very fair and freckled skin made for such a nice contrast. Later Shawn returned the favor, asking another lady sitting watching us if she had ever been fisted and singing my praises. I ended up spending a long time doing just that with the other lady, and then getting flipped over while she gave me some of the finestkind head I've had in a while. Shawn had gotten 2-3 fellows to help her enjoy her nerve endings and all of the half dozen or so of us ended up more or less a puppy pile on the big pillows. It's so much fun to be having sex and reach out behind you and not know the sex, race, name or anything else about the body part you find yourself caressing.

Saturday I mailed Catsy's computers to him in Phoenix, and then headed on down to Elf and Omaha's retaining-wall-party. I felt so damn bad about not being able to do much while everyone else was doing such good hard work. I kept their lovely and lively daughter entertained as part of a rotating circle of of parents-of-the-moment. I'm not so sure that Elf liked my starting a bunch of my diversions with, "Come on over here and let me show you something your Dad doesn't want you to know." [It's amazing how many different ways you can find to squirt water out of your mouth when a three year old is needing attention]. I spent some time in the kitchen cutting up fruit for finger picking by the workers, and ended up leaving early. It was just one of those days where even doing nothing made the damn arthritis in my back act up.

Let me stick in a word here about Elf's daily journal. He's pretty well known in cyberlore [his personal site is here] as the long term moderator of the Alt.Sex FAQ. He is also a very prolific author, with stories accessible through his personal site above, and also at ASSTR, where his bio reads, "One of the founders of alt.sex.stories, Elf Sternberg has been posting to Usenet since 1988. In that time, he has written almost three hundred stories, some of them novel-length. Elf lives in Seattle, WA, with his wife and children." Now you can read for weeks and months and never come close to exhausting the stories he already has posted. What I started all this out to mention was that his daily LJ postings are some of the most literate, interesting, insightful, and real that you will find in LJ. He has fascinating links, wonderful recipes, and the day to day real world of a young family making life happen. I might miss reading some of the rest of y'all's journals time to time, but I try to read through his daily. Highly recommended.

Dinner Sunday evening was at Snappy Dragon with a lovely young lady I've just begun to get to know.

And that was the weekend. Here it is almost time for another. Tomorrow evening I'll be joining Jane and Heather for dinner, and will fill in the weekend's dance card as it happens. It's all good, folks.

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