October 22nd

Last night, the second night's attempted sleep since the assault, I woke about every hour or so all night long. Tried to find this or that, a snack, more meds, hugging a pillow, sip of water, whatever, that would help. Every time I changed position - even 1/4" movements in any direction - it hurt. I had to figure out every movement - sometimes I couldn't even figure out how to get back into bed because of the combination of places that hurt and were stiff. Nothing really helped me rest until I finally fell asleep about 8 or 9 this morning and slept until 1pm.

Work called around 2pm and I told them I needed a day of healing and I'd show up tomorrow. This afternoon I went to an hour at Tubs and just soaked my sore joints and overall aches. Treated myself to a drop-in at Scarecrow while I was over in the U district, and found out that they now have an immense room upstairs dedicated just to used DVD sales. I held myself to just a couple additions to the collection.


Just to reassure you that I'm not all doom and gloom, despite a helluva lot of no-safeword pain, let me share with you a note I got last week from Hazel. She usually comes and cleans the house while I'm at work. I leave her to-do lists and she leaves me lists of supplies needed, chores left til next week - the usual sort of thing. Over the years she's built up a warm relationship with Littleone as they spend long days together here. Here's last week's missive:

Hi Peter...

Littleone has had a busy day today. She beat the tar out of the black cat
[not the slender Jane, black cat from upstairs, but the larger not-Jane black cat that comes in and steals food] from one end of the apartment to the other. She's just fine - not a scratch on her - but the other one has little bald spots now. Littleone did a very good job.

Then afterward she treated herself to tweety ala carte under your desk. It was very difficult to tell, but I think it was a sparrow.

So, if you've ever wondered what your cat did while you were out then here's a tiny glimpse for you. :)




With that cheerful touch from Hazel, and with thanks to all the many friends and strangers who have sent me their best wishes, formulae for healing potions, offers of help, and other support, life is better day by day.

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