October 12th

Hanne - the Dragon Well is a good green [although I didn't get as existentially gushing as some reviews], but the Evening in Missoula is marvelous! A new favorite and I just ordered some in bulk. Found out Market Spice will take and ship phone orders! Thanks again for the help in finding these fine teas!


By the way - did I mention that the photo of me in my olive drab kilt from Pride Day found it's way onto the Utilikilts website page of pix of customers! Kinda neat!

Well, I'm glad to hear that - if nothing else - my last rant got people interested in Tom Lehrer again. Living the life that I write about is easy, writing this journal is easy, doing the research to find all the links I throw in - now that takes hours. I enjoy it however. Hope y'all do too. I try to come up with good and appropriate links [and I gotta admit, it was therapeutic to contemplate telling John Ashcroft "you are in more dire need of a blow job than any white man in history" and have it delivered in Robin Williams' voice.]


The Erotic City event last night was relatively lightly attended, but a lot of fun regardless. Several folks remarked that there were so many fewer people out on the dance floor, eating sushi, making conversation, however the mattresses in the back were double-filled with horny folks waiting. It is a sex party, folks. Last night was a good time!

It was a 'couples or moresomes' night [two weeks ago was 'singles welcome'], and I joined CB & DeVil for dinner over at the Sunshine and then arrived together to be a trouple. To save the Wet Spot from renting a sybian every couple of weeks at $100 to 150 a shot, CB packed theirs up in a rucksack and brought it in on loan for the night. He also ran the control box for those who wanted a pro to do it - others had their own partners do it. I took the first ride - allegedly to break the people-having-sex ice but in truth I just wanted to get fucked really wonderfully. The sybian was set up in the same room that is a medical room on Saturday evenings. Gads, to move all those OB/GYN tables and to make such a total conversion of the entire building... what a great effort on the crew who set up.

With the sybian some folks are shy, some want privacy or closed intimacy, all that's great. Me, you could throw the damn thing in the middle of the bus station and I'd still climb on it. Next time I want to be in the middle of a large crown of friends and strangers, eyes closed or blindfolded, and have everyone playing with my body, whipping my ear with their dick, titty-smothering my face, licking my balls, tickling my nipple rings, the works - truly a fully involved sensation fest. This time, DeVil gloved and started manually inserting lube through my bomb bay doors and damn if that wasn't almost enough right there! I got up and mounted the saddle and settled down over the longest tool in the collection [it's simple folks - my g-spot is a helluva lot further in than a woman's]. CB started the controls [one for vibration and one for swivelling around] while DeVil kneeled down to put my dick into the smoothestmoistestwarmest place it's been in a long time. She stayed in position, face up to my belly without moving, with me tickling the top of her throat the entire time while CB slowly rode me up and down and upper and down a little and uppest until I let out my trademark cathartic bellow, pushed my dick that silly millimeter longer into DeVil's mouth, and I pretty well had to be caught as I collapsed. [Sometimes sex is like a run-on sentence.] Oh, nellie. Took every calorie I had and then some, right there.

After that there was a steady flow of folks riding the saddle, although only women. It's one of the reasons I'm talking it up so strongly - it is such a wonderful source of orgasmic pleasure, and guys are so damn uptight about parting their butt cheeks. Even when I ask guys quietly one on one, "So, are you in touch with your inner prostate?", they admit it begrudgingly but don't even think about doing anything about it outside their own fantasies. Sheesh. Lighten up, guys! Reach out for that damn brass ring! I'm pretty well decided I'm going to have to buy myself a sybian for the house here but it's not too cheap - they run around $1400 more or less according to accessory doodads. Wish I could put it on my Amazon wish list, but I just checked and Amazon doesn't know the word 'sybian'.

A bit later I bumped into a friend who told me she was waiting for something like three different couples to get together for a large pile-up they had envisioned, but she didn't know where they were. I offered to help her warm up a bit and damned if it wasn't just as much fun as the prior time we had met. I have to see more of someone who laughs in pure enjoyment throughout sex!

Later still CB was running the traffic flow at the sybian and he suggested DeVil and I go into the back so she could get a bit of her own nirvana. After fighting our way in to find an open bed I found out the hard way that someone had literally left a wet spot at the Wet Spot. I threw a fresh sheet on the mattress... and it had a wet spot on it. I threw a new fresh clean sheet on the mattress... and it too had a wet spot on it. Finally we just threw towels over the wet spot itself and carried on. [[ Public Service Announcement: if you know you have a history of gushing and spewing copiously and you're in shared space.... please put down adequate towelage ahead of time?!?! We thank you for your support.]]

Now, regular journal readers have heard enough about my erectile dysfunction to diagram it with circles and arrows for the kids. What I'm finding since the start of the Wet Spot in Paradise is that the more vanilla sex I have, the less problem I'm having gaining and maintaining an erection. Granted, I've been using Viagra more but my results to that in the past had been only ~50% successful. It has been a long long time since I've been able to do any sort of PIV sex. Last night with DeVil made it abundantly clear to me that a corner has been turned and this part of my life is showing a rejuvenation. It's nice to be all woo woo and stuff and find a different plane to obtain satisfaction in - and that's still there - but to recover part of what has defined you for 40 years... comforting. Very very comforting. Many thanks to the nice friends who have contributed over the past few months to helping me with this regained confidence and function.


Now, normally that would have been an excellent place for me to search out and find a totally appropriate way to restate that life is good, but today I've got one more thing. I need help from some of the Blue Blazer Regulars out there, even those who routinely lurk only.

Winter is approaching and I want to take more proactive steps to stave off the depression that comes from living in a cold basement, all windows closed off with heavy multiple layered black out curtains for heat insulation, in a city where often in the winter even if I had a picture window, I'd still be looking at grey clouds. In prior years I started using many candles, and I have full spectrum light bulbs here in my desk lamp. Periodically I'll just leave the damn door open no matter the weather just to get fresh air in the house.

Ever since Hazel helped me to sort and shelve my videos there has been the top of a short bookshelf right next to the TV screaming to me. It's right in the line of my vision from the desk here and I just got to thinking that an aquarium full of colorful live fish would be a happy thing. It'll be kitty-muzak for Littleone, and a chance to look at something else living and moving and such for me, to say nothing of a new thing to compulsively shop for. I stopped by the local PetMegalith store and bought a 10 gallon aquarium and the heater, pump, gravel, and tap water purification powder, and the fellow told me to install everything and run it for a few days to get the tap water cleaned up before buying any fish for it. I didn't buy any toys or roller coasters or plants or anything cuz I figured just like with the fish I'll enjoy slowly building and adding. Sounded like a plan and I've got the aquarium in place and have measured how friggin long the power strip cord will have to be to run the thing.

What I need is advice. Lessons learned the hard way... tips on compatible freshwater fish... mistakes you've made... and all that. You know - a "Keeping Fish Alive At Home for Dummies" tutorial. Anything you may know I probably don't.

Thanks in advance for all the tips. You'll help make my life better this winter.


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