October 8th

Ya know, it's a damn shame that it takes a malignant cretin like the Shrub banging the war drum - otherwise known as the Incompetent Politician's Continued Employment Crusade of 2002 - just to bring Tom Lehrer to the attention of yet another generation. I have to mention this as the past two weeks I've been unable to get the internal replay of his classic "So Long Mom" out of my head. I'd always enjoyed his "Smut" [much of my inspiration in life], to say nothing of the classic "Vatican Rag" [that song and the book/movie "Shoes of the Fisherman" are all I know of Catholicism], but there's nothing like a little inappropriate war to bring out the more sharply pointed points in the quiver.

I've seen war and I really don't want American men and women to be forced to see it again, no matter which generation who shoulders the burden of sacrifice this time. I can't find anyone who supports it, but had been concerned that it was simply my group of friends, sluts all in their own ways, who had similar sentiments. But the fellow who slices off the round for my sandwiches at the deli just shakes his head grimly. I went to a presentation tonight at a fancy restaurant on "Management of the Psychopathology of Insomnia" - as far from my social group as possible... but the nurse practitioner sitting next to me started telling me her concerns for her 16 year old son and how she won't let him go to fight this one. The other boomer sitting in the Jiffy Lube waiting room compares today to his memory of the mid '60s. All around me I find people who can't imagine the driving compulsion that this president has to steam roll over international criticism, to overcome the will of Congress, to fight a war with this man. Yes, a man who is indeed an asshole. A dangerous asshole. A despot in need of the opportunity to wander paradise... but a despot who was all of that ten years ago. I'm unable to get rid of my deep conviction that under all the political justifications, the threats to Israel, the Al Queda training camps, the alarming danger of the chemical warfare tools that we gave them, under all of this we have a president who is the little boy who feels compelled to do it for daddy.

Why can't all these fool politicians just get laid more often, have a blow job or three in the Oval Office or Baghdad, and let the youth of our nations grow older than 20? Wouldn't it be more fun for everyone to just enjoy some of Tom's less militant joys, like Oedipus Rex, The Masochism Tango, or the ever popular Poisoning Pigeons in the Park


Sorry to pontificate on the storm clouds gathering. What can you do, what can I do, what can we do? I'm not much of a marcher. I'm going to have as many orgasms as I can, both solo and with as many friends, lovers, & strangers as will join me, and I'm going to share as much of that energy raised as possible with those who need it. Really, now, take a look at Bush - better yet, Ashcroft - and repeat after me...

Each laugh, and each orgasm, will make life just 5 cents better... but it takes a lot of nickels to make the buck you need.

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