October 4th

This time we'll blame it on post-Mariners funk. Had a great weekend last week, one of the best, and it's been followed by a thoroughly exhausting work week. I'm just now on Friday night writing what I should have this past Monday. Ah well.

The new Friday night Erotic City events at the Wet Spot are going to be winners. The Spot is totally redone and if you've only seen it at one of the pansexual BDSM parties it's a different world. Scented candles, fresh made sushi, one room set aside for jacking and jilling, with a sybian in the corner. Soft corners everywhere and places for public, semi-public, and semi-private dallying. I had made a date to join a couple there, a first play date. I had met her for lunch, and then met she and her husband together at the sensation workshop Hanne did recently [the one Molly stunt bottomed at]. Anyhow, we had decided that Erotic City might be a good first step at getting intimate and it worked pretty well. They've got a lot of experience in the swinger's world but the quasi-public space of the Spot was going to be new. [She has a thing for Cruella, so I'll call her DeVil in here, and for reasons to be obvious in a few minutes, I'll call her hubby CB.] Lady A and her band were playing hot and loud and live out on the dance floor and the three of us disappeared into the back for a nice long interlude of happy skin-on-skin-on-skin. Gads, but it was good to set aside the iron maiden and the drawing and quartering and just jump into a pile of squirming bodies and keep varying the who's-got-john. When we came out of the back room it was a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours after we had disappeared. Whew! Once DeVil and CB took off for home I sat back and enjoyed Lady A out-Tina'ing Tina Turner. The highlight of her performance - well, to me - was when she went around the audience flirting with folks and she sat her glorious bootay on top of my reclining belly. Buddha take me!

Saturday evening I DM'd for the first few hours at the pan party, and then had a date with the lovely W. It was our first play date, and we had decided to do a bit of mummification. With ear plugs in place, a blindfold over her eyes, and a snorkel in place to breath through, I wrapped her head, limbs, and body with colored saran wrap. An ad hoc group helped me lift her up onto the massage table with the pillows propped up so the snorkel wasn't obstructed, and I turned the overhead lamp - a real hot heat source - down and sat back to watch and leave her unmolested for a bit. After that I slowly began inserting toothpicks through the saran wrap very gently until they touched skin at random places. At the hollow of the neck. Under the arm. In her cleavage. Between two toes. It's amazing how the gentle poke of a hefty toothpick can feel like a major thing once all of your senses have been contained for a bit. I gently touched the picks in random order about the body, occasionally rolled one between thumb and forefinger, and then I got out the tuning fork. It was delicious to watch reactions as the tuning fork vibrated the toothpicks. I exposed sensitive areas of her body and began with various other sensation play - a vibrator, a sheepskin mitt, a Wartenburg wheel, and more. Finally I just began to work on giving manual pleasure as vigorously as I could, and after an hour or more of sensation play I finally cut her out of the wrap. Emergence from the headstate is always slower than emergence from the plastic. She was glorious.

Sunday afternoon and evening was a rare delight. I was invited out to DeVil's and CB's house in the remote outer suburbs of Seattle for dinner and play. After conversation and feeding the squirrels - we're talking cat-compatible squirrels who come inside the house to get the big cashews laid out for them - the three of us ended up upstairs in a heap on a massive bed having a whole lotta fun. The fourth person invited was their very own sybian! She rode it first in a great delight, and then it was my turn. After the J.O. Palooze party back in National Masturbation Month [and I just realized that I had mentioned a friend C.B. that day ... not the same as CB today] I was a convert to the joys of the sybian for men and women alike. I know the website talks about 'sybian for women' and they have some other thing for men, but let's be real. I like my prostate. I like stimulating it. And I certainly like having it stimulated to the point of lighting my afterburners as I lift off. Sunday CB was running the control box [hence the nickname] as I settled down on the longest attachment they had, and DeVil was helping me out with some outstanding assistance in front, and all I have to say is - ohmyfuckinggod damndamn ohitsgood rightthere there THERE moremoreMORE - or something like that. Guys - if you've not tried this, you are so missing out. After play and cleanup we sat down to a scrumptious dinner, tenderloin and some great broiled vegetables and a dessert that had a day's calories in itself. A very pleasant day with new friends.

Obviously, these events were very well worth documenting. I mean no insult to my various companions by not writing about it for a week - I've just been in that mental inertia fugue state daily after a work week of good hard daily toil on the job.


I gave Dad a call tonight on the way home from work. I got the darn cell phone with the excuse of 'keeping in touch with Dad', and I have done too little, so I hooked in the hands free headset and chatted with him all the way from work to and through Blockbuster and most of the way up the road to Central Market. I mentioned to him how tickled I was that he had sent me the article on the Pagan Pride Day in Phoenix. He said when he saw it he wanted to send it to me so that I would know that there are other people like me out there. Gads. What can I say.

And in case you missed it - life is so damn good.

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