Oct 21st

I gotta go back a week or so and tell y'all about some silly times Kevin and I had. Just in case there was any chance y'all thought that all of our discourse is on a higher plane, discussing Descartes, dirty limericks in Farsi, and the myth of indy cinema, you see. This is a transcription of a back'n'forth Kevin and I had on ICQ recently.

Peter: I walked up to get my mail and got a fucking stinging insect of some sort zapped me on the back of my left heel... i pulled the stinger out but the damn thing hurts !! argh.

Kevin: Ouch!!!!!! If it was a stinger, hit it with vinegar quickly. It was a bee. Wasps do not lose their stingers

P: but it looked about termite size

K: Not vinegar, ammonia...was it white?

P: couldn't really tell ... seasoned rice or balsamic?

K: no no ammonia not vinegar

P: oh - when it happened i took benadryl 25mg and spritzed it in ETOH... i just poured vinegar over it based on your first note... what next?

K: vas iss ETOH

P: alcohol

K: ethyl achohol? ...hit it with ammonia, it kills the sting

P: etoh is a medical abreviation for alcohol in general... i spritzed it with the 70% stuff

K: I see. Got any ammonia?

P: i'll look

K: even Parson's should work. We have the strong stuff here. And we have the first aid pens for mosquito bites and such. It work well on stings too. It's ammonia based.

P: we'll see what windex with ammonia does...

K: worth a try

P: wtf... a skosh better

K: goody, just call me nursie hahaha

P: plus i can see my heel now, crystal clear!

Part of our 'getting back to normal' is our sense of humor, our sense of perspective, and our ability to simply laugh, even at ourselves. It's part of what makes life good.

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