October 30th

cDead Bambi.


On my way out the door to the bondage party Sunday night I got an ICQ from a friend who told me he had just gotten a deer and wanted to know if I wanted some parts. I told him definitely, and headed on down there this evening after one of those staff-meeting-on-a-day-off nuisances at my Other Job. [I'll leave him anonymous; the deer was obtained legally, but if I name him everybody he knows will be bothering him for free game].

Hanging up in his dungeon was a medium sized deer, already partially butchered. [Whaddaya want? He already had all the overhead rigging needed in that room, and it's certainly an easy to clean blood up sorta floor.] I gave him a hand carving up the rest of the carcass, and after a late dinner of butter fried peppered venison steaks with onions and mushrooms, I headed out with his generosity - one large grocery bag full of baggied stew chunks and steaks, along with some other game he threw in from his freezer, and as well I had the head, hide, and legs hefty-bagged.

I stopped at Al's house on my way back into town. I gave him one baggie full of fresh venison, and as well left the spare parts. Later this next weekend we'll get together and he is going to help me to learn how to prepare and preserve animal hides and parts, to be used in making ritual objects.

I'll find way to give thanks to the deer for providing us with such bounty, and I definitely give thanks as well to my anonymous benefactor [who will probably see this note here]. Life continues good.

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