October 28th

Three gallons of wesson oil and four good friends.

Pour one over the other and mix well. You end up with multiple orgasms and a whole lotta well lubed fun.

Tonite was the Halloween "Come As You Aren't" party at the Wet Spot. After spending the early day exceedingly happily crawling around the floor with my four year old grandson, I hit Value Village along with fifty scadzillion other last minute shopping souls. I figured "A Suit" is about as "aren't" as could get, so I invested in a tacky sports jacket, white shirt, and tie.

I'd ICQ'd Panther yesterday and kinda spontaneously proposed a little scene for tonite, and it turned out to be a lotta fun. She and I lay out nekkid in the shower room at the Wet Spot, just kinda relaxing and snuggling a bit. Annika and Viktor and Derek all grabbed jugs of cooking oil and sprayed and poured and splashed and generally saturated us. We slipped and slid and slud and rolled around in it and got real good and gunked up. Derek is a bit shy and slipped away, but Viktor and Annika both ended up rolling around in the oil with us. At one time or another each of the four of us ended up moaning and groaning in some form of orgasm or another. We really did our best to be the noisiest group in the place and came damn close to succeeding.

Clean up was at least as intensive - and much more difficult - as the getting oiled was. We ended up scrubbing the floor of the shower with a scrub brush and copious shampoo, to cut the oil and make sure the next fellow to walk in didn't fall on his toucas.

I missed Jane and Jim, who had family commitments elsewhere. Jane will just have to wait til next time to get the Hello Kitty trinkets I got her at Uwajimaya . When Jane gets a new Hello Kitty thingamabob she gets a smile on her face looks like she's a three year old having a birthday. The smile alone is worth the trip to the store.

Tomorrow night is the bondage party at the Wet Spot, which should be a lot of fun too. After a week or so of blah, life is starting to pick up again. And life is still quite good.

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