October 24th

Just as Jane did earlier, I realized I haven't done an update in days.

Life has continued, some pleasant occurrences, nothing earthshaking. I met with friends at Sol's place Saturday evening, flirted with Rapunzel and Boop, and then left them both in Kevin's fine hands when I went over to my DM shift at the Wet Spot. Boop does a really fine belly rub, and I have to admit I have a fine belly to rub.

I missed KSlave's rebranding, but was able to step in and help with her anniversary present orgasms a bit. That was fun, as Panther has written about already. The latter part of the night, however, apart from their scene, was just a tad bit off, something about the ambient energy just a bit weird. Several of us noticed it, and I ended up going home early.

Sunday I missed Malice's birthday gathering, as after Hazel finished my weekly housekeeping needs, Panther stopped over for catfish and Jackie Chan. Both the catfish and Jackie were superb, and she and I enjoyed a little low-stress fool around for a bit. Just a bit of pleasant grab ass amongst friends.

Monday and Tuesday both Panther stopped by to help me with my techie-deficient life. Kevin and my son also contributed to my debugs. Loading a text editor and installing a reluctant mouse and ... the details are too boringly gruesome to list here. Suffice it to say that Panther shows her love by doing these things but we both owe ourselves a big fat evening of grease up in wesson oil and jump in a pile. [Kevin is invited too, but my son will have to find his own wesson party... one must have SOME limits...].

It's been the kind of a weekend that hardly justifies as a part of the life of a professional slut, but that's kinda how life comes sometimes.

And as long as it keeps coming, life will be good.

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