October 15th

"Gardammed &*(%^\+ friggin $%#^ sonuva _@#5~< vacuum cleaner!" The dulcet tones of Hazel - my maid - cursing a smoking and winding down household appliance is how I woke up Saturday morning. After the Bloodbath Friday night I arrived home exhausted, exhilarated, and wired. It was that gotta sleep/can't sleep kinda wired, and I rolled into bed around 4 or 4:30am. Hazel arrived at 10am to clean the house and I got up long enough to growl a couple of chore list items at her and go back to bed. That bought me two more hours of blessed recovery sleep, but around about noon one of my Rockports sacrificed a lace to the vacuum god, and my sleep was history.

To her credit, there was a large pot of French Roast already brewed, and I lived.

Mid afternoon I headed over to the Display and Costume shop over on Roosevelt Ave [http://www.displaycostume.com/tour/index.shtml]. Red was coming to town and I had promised her that I was going to make her beauty even more beautiful, so here at the last minute I had to quickly make all my plans happen. I got silver metallic ribbon and big pretty plumy feathers, a glue gun and a few other this'n'that's. Back home I glued an 8" feather in the hub [you know, the part the syringe normally goes into] of a dozen 18ga needles.

Red arrived at the Wet Spot as scheduled, right about 9:30pm and shortly thereafter we went into the 'messy room'. [It's lined in plastic and has been used for food fights and hot wax play and blood sports and stuff.] I had the butterfly rack sitting in the middle of the room. It's a lightweight frame about 6'x6' square, with little cupholder-sized eye-hooks along the sides and top. She stripped down to her incredibly beautiful skin and I had her assume a comfortable position standing in the middle of the frame. We put a hand over each other's heart and shared five calming and grounding breaths, and were ready to go. This scene, by the way, was an unknown plan to her - she was simply trusting me.

I started with a needle - 23ga 1.5" - in the side of the shoulder, and a few more down the forearm and wrist, on one side then on the other. I took the silver metallic ribbon and tied it off around each needle and up to an opposing hook in the frame. None of these were in particularly sensitive areas but they were all areas she had never been pierced in before, and they all apparently were startling in their intensity. Next, a needle through the fingerweb between each of her middle and ring fingers and tied those off in a similar manner. Now those _did_ hurt.

I gave her sips of water, and then - to give her a break from the intense finger piercings - I put a row of feathered needles up the contour of each breast. These were 18's, straight down into her breasts. She is so gifted by the goddess in the breast department that they were straight into flesh with no danger of hitting bones or organs. Eighteens, by the way, are a goodly bit more attention-getting than 23's. It almost looked like she had wings sprouting from her frontal torso.

Moving back to the 23's, I began placing and lacing needles down the outside of her thighs and calves...

...and then I heard "...I'm gonna faint... ... ... I'm gonna faint...".

I grabbed my medic's scissors and sheared the silver ribbon lacings free, and steadied her collapsing body until I could pivot her into a chair, all the while avoiding the needles still in place. Luckily Mama Bear and her lady had been sitting in the room observing and they both sprang into action. Mama Bear is a friend of mine of many years. Mama Bear took her own shirt off to throw over Red's shoulders while her partner ran for water and blankets. Meanwhile Red is pale pale pale and moving rapidly on into neurogenic shock, eyes out of focus and perseverating "...I'm gonna faint...".

We got her covered and sips of water when she could and she started coming back after a few minutes. As soon as I could safely do so I deneedled her and we shifted her over from water sips to a sugary soda pop and she continued to perk up. As soon as she was coherent she started apologizing as if it was her fault that she went into shock. For pete's sake - it happens! It was no one's fault, but the scene was over for the night.

Happily, Red told me that she would like to visit once a month or so, to continue our play. I agreed readily; I think we're both enjoying getting to know each other. Both of us have other friends and partners, and neither of us is looking to 'own' the other. When we're together, it's fun. We did decide that we need to schedule a bit better, to include food and rest. She has to travel from a couple of hours away and it can be a draining drive, as we found out tonite the hard way. We can't always depend on Mama Bear to be there [ - Many thanks, dear! - ].

A bit later in the evening Red did a bit of schmoozing while I gave Kevin a hand with a scene he was topping. This gentle man is so good at what he does, such exacting care. The young lady he was topping had asked if they could play a bit more privately than usual, so I was tapped to be a one-on-one DM for the scene. He did an exquisitely precise rope harness, a nicely textured hemp. Next he and her husband started hooking up multiple TENS units and adjusting their pulses subtly. This went on for a long long time. It was so fine to watch Kev in his glory, and at the same time observing how sensual and loving her husband was; the two of them working together in concert made for a very happy girl.

Late in the scene hubby asked me very courteously if he could borrow my hands. At this point Kev was getting slowly closer and closer to a full fisting, while the TENS units all continued and hubby kept strong pressure on her body manually. She gets a lot from the firm laying on of hands, so I helped him with this for a while. This is when things unexpectedly got very interesting for me. After a good 30 minutes or so of bonding with the hand contact I moved one hand over her mons, about 2" off the skin. The energy was so palpable that I could mold it with my hands, touching nothing directly. For about five minutes I manipulated the energy with that hand hovering over her privates and she was responding to every motion. It was a very delicious experience. She eventually came beautifully and I do appreciate being allowed to assist.

Now most folks would figure that I'd been gifted enough at this point in the evening. The Goddess kept smiling at me... somehow or another a few minutes after leaving Kevin's scene I was sitting around in casual conversation with Red and Coyote [http://www.coyotegirl.com/] and the next thing I knew they're both spontaneously pulling off their clothes to compare their red pubic hair with each other. That, dear friends, was definitely the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the fudge sundae.

In case there was any doubt, life is definitely good.

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