October 8th

It's early morning, which on this particular Sunday means a quarter of noon. I just finished butchering a half dozen eggs with diced Walla Walla, oyster sauce, garlic chunkies and a sprinkle of Spike fried up in the same pan and drippings I'd crisped bacon in, with garlic bread made of onion rolls. My globe trotting friend Bridgett, last mentioned in my LIL write-up I believe, rolled in from Portland last night and stayed over after the Wet Spot.

It was a full Saturday, overall. I watched some of the baseball playoffs in the afternoon and then got a call from my ex's ex about her new book which just arrived in the bookstores. She said something alluding to perhaps having outted me in it inadvertently "in the footnotes". I ran around to Bailey-Coy and picked up a coy, and darned if there aren't any footnotes; now I must indeed read it wall to wall and soon.

After the bookstore I dropped by Al D's studio to discuss the Bloodbath event coming up next Friday evening. A bunch of us will be doing a performance piercing suspension scene around midnight, and we're gathering there this afternoon for a walk-through.

Home for pan fried pork chops with a chili-onion-cheese potato, and on down for an 8:30-11:30pm DM shift. It was absolutely terrible [insert facetious smile here] - I was forced to work beside a young lady who I find to be just incredibly delicious, intelligent, aesthetic, and, alas, otherwise involved. It was busy night and we both had a nice time working together handling things.

There was a birthday which, frankly, are a pain in the kazooty from a dungeon management point of view. Heavy traffic, often rowdy ribaldry right next to where other people are trying to have their own scene, people shuffling in and out to do their token spankings. I've been on all sides of these birthdays; giving the spankings, coordinating the spankings, being tied down for all to be spanked myself. From a DM viewpoint, they sure do muck up the traffic flow in the playspace. End of rant.

Much easier to deal with was the birthday celebration for Derek, over in the 'Messy Room'. He was laying on the massage table, with a large bakery-style rectangular birthday cake on his torso and a bucket of ice cream sitting between his legs, and we all served ourselves from him. We didn't do _too_ much tormenting, although I did challenge his sense of balance with a deep-footing. I started sucking his hallux [medicalese for the big toe] and when I saw that drove him close to the edge I went ahead and swallowed all the toes on that foot down to about the ball. Surprised even myself and drove him just about to the point of lurching off the table cake and all. Hehehehehe.

Earlier, about 8:30pm when I'd arrived I pulled into the parking lot just as Bridgett's ride dropped her off. A little while later Sol, healthy young stud that he is, whispered to me "Who's that beautiful girl you were talking to?" I refused to tell him, of course. Half an hour later, equally of course, Bridgett and Sol were sitting next to each other chatting happily, and half an hour after that they were back in the sling room assaulting each other. It invoked all my paternal pride.

Coming into town the plan had been for Bridgett and I to do a large bloody piercing scene but at the last minute she said she may not be up to it, which is why I signed up for the DM shift. Towards the end of my shift, however, she told me that she'd love to do that scene and "I can be naked in just a minute". :) I got my needles.

Up in the stirrups of the gyn table bare nekkid she was just as beautiful as she was stalking about on her boots [she's 5'11", and the boots were black patent leather, 7" of heel with 2" of platform], bustier, and leather loincloth.

Surprise of surprises, my lover Kevin joined us. This is Kevin "I don't do needles" Kevin. Beauty must have overcome him. As I made the aesthetic arrangement of needles in and through and around her perky little nippies, he did fetch and help, and then when I started tormenting her he actually asked for a glove to tap on a few needlehubs himself. His smile looked like a little boy with a new toy.

Just as at LIL, Bridgett teeters on the edge between ecstasy and shock when she's pierced and the job for me is to keep her pushing the envelope towards the peaks of the flight, but keep her from the chasm of the crash. It's fun, but definitely a challenge. I pushed her as far as she could go, with rests and water sips and comforting and TLC and stuff, and then I backed off from the needles and started fingerfucking her, leading to one of the most vigorous fistfucking sessions I've had in quite a while. By the time she went over the top, screaming and thrashing, I was plumb wore out, thanking the Goddess that it had gone so well [and that I could now rest :) ]. A few moments later, after she largely quit quivering, I started to deneedle her. She bled very nicely, a crimson drool down the contour of her breasts, across her torso and into the puddle gathering beneath her. I didn't really realize just how much she was leaking until she got up to go to the shower room, and there was a puddle the size of a large dinner platter on the gyn table where she'd been sitting.

When we got home I made up a batch of my homemade egg drop soup and a little rice-a-roni bachelor entre`, and we collapsed. Fried. Exhausted. Depleted. Happy.

Littleone [my cat] was MOST put out that I had someone else sleeping with me besides her. Fickle little pussy....

Picking back up on this entry about dinner time Sunday, right after the above comments this morning, I dropped Bridgett at the Wet Spot for the bondage presentation by Mistress Midori, while I continued on to the Catwalk. This was for a walk-through, getting ready for the Bloodball coming up this Friday, the 13th. Al D is coordinating everything, with James doing the rigging. We're going to do some piercing-suspension performance pieces at a late night [our performance is around midnight] show. Panther will be with us, and a handful of other friends most of whom have done this sort of thing before. Kevin is going to drive me [after having 8ga fishhooks in my back and lifting people up off the ground by them, I tend to not want to operate heavy machinery, like my car] and as well Kevin will be our videographer.

I have every faith that I'll recover overnight - Red is scheduled to come back up from Portland for another playdate Saturday the 14th. Happy happy.

I'm heading down to a sushi place on Capital Hill in a few minutes for Derek's birthday dinner. I promise not to deep-foot him in the restaurant. Can't have everything, I suppose.

All in all, a rich and full Saturday/Sunday.

A special note to all of the dozen or so friends and lovers who receive this journal email... I started that distribution list prior to actually going on line with it, and it's time to phase out the email. If all of you [and anyone else so inclined] would please go to egroups and subscribe, you'll get email notification of when new escapades are posted on Janes Guide, where you'll be able to read them in much nicer colors and fonts than the email is. Thank you all - encouragement and support from my friends has meant a lot to me as this effort grew. And thanks, of course, to Jane and Jim who make it all possible for me!

As I've said on occasion - life is quite good.

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