October 46th


Ken Griffey - watching from home in Florida.

Randy Johnson - watching from home in Phoenix.

The Seattle Mariners - advancing in the play offs after sweeping the White Sox out three games to zip. And many of the key players were players traded for the Ego Kid and the Big Unit. My oh my.

Katt & Wolfie... my oh my indeed. You're quite welcome, my dears, and I'm so flattered that an escapade of mine could spur such fun for you and yours. And you described everything so well. Happy happy days. I'll have to make sure that Rapunzel looks at your descriptions!

So da blond called last night, and upped the ante. We were doing dinner and a movie, a low stress pleasant evening after a long couple of days at work. She asked last night if she could bring a girl friend of hers, one of the models she photographs for her bondage site. I had to say "But of course!"... and so consequentially had to scramble after getting home from work today, cleaning up the dishes and vac'ing up the feathers from the cat's last conquest.


Da blond just left, having done her damage. Her girlfriend had to work this evening, so it was just the two of us. We headed down to Chang's on Capital Hill for her first visit. She loved it, of course. We then cruised Broadway slowly in her new red convertible gofast car, and I have to admit we were casually regal. Taking the slow route back north I took her in for her first visit to Scarecrow [www.scarecrow.com], one of the world's finest video stores. She was properly agog walking through the two stories of room after room of this'n'that. Word of warning to the smart - Scarecrow will start their annual used video sale on the 13th, and it's always well worth a visit.

Instead of going out to a movie, she had offered to give me a nice back massage, and let me tell you - when your body is as old and pain ridden as mine is, that's an offer to leap on. And from a beautiful blond who wants to be nice to me? Oh, yeah. It was nice and pleasant, not an erotic massage but just a good old fashioned massage massage. Well, not erotic that is until I rolled over to thank her and found her stripped down to her buttfloss panties. We had no plan, agenda, or script, and neither had really decided "hey, let's do it!". Next thing I knew, however, I was taking her for one of those out-there journeys alternating fisting with pillow-smothering. Well, not really 'alternating'; more 'augmenting'.

It was really good. She makes the most adorable little faces when she's coming slowly back from having the pillow over her face for about five seconds longer than when she starts to succumb to the beast, and fight me off in terror.

Life is so good.

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