October 4th

So how's that new job going, Jane ? Your vast and loving audience out here wants to know!

The more mundane changes in Peter's life? This week, after many many years as a nocturnal creature, I've emerged into the daylight. Tuesday was my first shift working days at my Other Job.

First of all, aiming for a 10pm bedtime and the alarm set for 4:15am - it just seems friggin abnormal. Clothes lay out the night before, a bag filled with lunch in the fridge, just enough coffee left to nuke for that first caffeine buzz.

I slept from 10 til midnight, woke up to piss and clear email, then back to bed til 4:15 and the blaring alarm clock. Up, shower, dress, gobble unnamable calories, gag down wretched warmed over coffee, and hit the road.

A happy finding ... I was the only one on the Interstate at 5:30am! And happier still, I got there early enough to go on down the road a bit and find that the local grocery store's espresso stand was already open! Real caffeine! All of a sudden, working days wasn't looking so bad.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. I was busy from start to finish, and productive the whole time. Did a good job, didn't piss anyone important off. And didn't get that extra time in reading my novel like I did in the middle of the night shifts.

I hit Blockbuster on the way home and picked up "U-571" [outstanding!] and "The Skulls" [not bad] and stumbled onto the only copy of "American Beauty" that they turned over from rental to selling used. I was excited to see one of the ads on one of the rentals said that "Gladiator" was coming to video soon. [ignore my licking my lips as I typed that]

Panther and I watched the "American Beauty" this afternoon [I'm scheduled tues/thurs/fri this week] while she was showing me Cute Excell Tricks. A good friend is one who will come over to help you with software stuff and not expect a pound of flesh in return. I tried to memorize her keystrokes over her shoulder. Panther is a good people [actually, her hubby was over a couple days ago helping me on some other 'puter stuff also... they're both great!]

Plus I reviewed a handful of websites this afternoon. That also seems weird, since I've only done that before in the middle of the night, hiding away from the world. Seemed kinda like reading a Playboy in the middle of the public library.

And I ran out to Costco to pick up the new glasses I ordered last week. Working days, I can do this stuff as an ordinary sorta thing. Working nights, I always had to sacrifice sleep to pick up a prescription or see friends. Hmmm. Maybe this day shift thing will work out for a while....

Uh - Janie, dear? How's your new adventure going? I showed you mine....

And life is good.

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