October 1st

"Devil made me do it Devil made me do it!"

Well, it worked for Flip Wilson, I might as well try it too, right?

...a bit of the back story:

Sol, sincere lad that he is, invited a collection of folks over to his place for an early Thanksgiving dinner this past afternoon. He is two months early going by the generic American calendar, but it was still a good idea. Sol was there, as was his mother, and his house mates Malice and Rapunzel, Jane and Jim, James and the lovely Gwen from NawaShibari , Kevin, and a couple other friends.

I've been getting notes from Rapunzel the past few days explaining in some exquisitely stimulating detail some of the things she hoped we'd be able to steal off and do this afternoon. And she has a _wonderful_ imagination! This lady with whom I thought originally I'd maybe be able to do a little bit of spanking is now giving me pages of ideas, and some really kinky stuff.

Given Sol's mother - a very nice lady with an amazing tolerance - being in attendance today, we didn't really want to jump each other's bones in the middle of the rug, but at one point when the turkey was being carved and the potatoes mashed, I noticed Rapunzel wander into the bathroom, and I followed her in for a few minutes of silent giggle'n'tickle. I heard folks starting to gather around the table so I exited the bathroom, closed the door behind me to give Rapunzel a moment's clearance before she exited... all to no avail.

I heard Sol's mom say, "Here's Peter now, coming out of the bathroom.................oh, and Rapunzel was in the bathroom too...". [Note she has a stage-trained voice, and can project]. I brazened it out, looking for my coffee cup; Rapunzel had the decency to blush.

We had a fine meal and all involved were appreciative of our bounty, both in food and friends. Any time that Jane offers to bake a pie for your dinner, do take her up on it. I had to have a sliver of apple and a sliver of pumpkin both, just to be fair. About 15 minutes after eating I was well into a post prandial snooze, riding the currents of my blood sugar.

About the time other family members arrived for their late plates I found myself kidnapped - abducted, I tell you - into Rapunzel's room. [[This, of course, is where that 'devil made me do it' at the top of the page kicked in]]. I was inspired and had to make do with what came to hand. She likes to be overpowered, so I grabbed a pair of panties from her laundry basket and turned them into impromptu handcuffs, and used a pair of tights from the same basket to tie her hands to the bed frame. I then proceeded to assault her every which way but loose, but whenever she started to scream or moan or something I had to muffle her with a pillow smothering. She really appeared to like being overpowered, and I certainly enjoyed doing it. It was a raw brutal power that I normally don't exercise, but we're gonna have to do more of it soon.

An hour or so later, once I untied her and let her breath again, lovely lady that she is she lay me back on the bed and proceeded to give me more non stop orgasms than I've had in a looooong time. Hell, I even stuffed one of the pillows in my own mouth from time to time, until she finally drove me into that gurgling drooling non-verbal state... and then kept right on going for another half dozen or so orgasms yet again. Hot damn, but it was good.

After we reassembled ourselves into a bit of order we walked out and found that every single person other than us had left. Sol later told me that he had fun explaining to his mom why I wasn't available to say good bye when she left. He also assured me that no one could hear us going at it, but I'm not so sure. They did get really quiet and then really gone out there....

A bit later in the evening, I was a DM at the Wet Spot for some hours. It was a rather sedate evening overall, and I was sorta fried from burning off all those calories with Rapunzel. One interesting scene I saw, though, was a dental scenario... amazing how the strongest and most experienced of folks [Georgette...] got totally squicked by glancing in the room and seeing a syringe and some dental instruments poking into someone's gums. We found dental play to be a hard limit for a bunch of folks.

This was my third night in a row at the Wet Spot. Omaha and I came to the dance Thursday, Kevin and I came to the Queer Spot party Friday night after I introduced him to Chang's for his birthday dinner, and now the Pan party Saturday night. I found myself rapidly approaching the "too much of a good thing" point, so bowed on out about 1:30am and headed home for sleep, which I'll get as soon as I finish this journal entry.

Which I think I just did.

Life is good.

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