November 10th

Well, Thanksgiving. Time to recount some blessings, as well as some miscellaneous thoughts about this'n'that.

Ealain is out of town, on a week's trip to visit her family in the midwest. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, and with her out of ready voice contact I've come to realize how important she has become to my life. I'll pick her up at SeaTac Sunday evening, and then Monday evening we'll be spending some time alone enjoying each other's company.

In her absence I've got a date tonight with Linus. It will be our first one-on-one date, although we've spent some time together as a three-some, as I've mentioned before. I enjoy him, but at the same time recognize that he is primarily Ealain's secondary, more so than mine. Sometimes after writing a sentence like that last I feel like going back and editing all terms and concepts of hierarchy and relationship and gender and such out out out - what we have in our current relationships is difficult to put into terms that mean only one and one accurate term to others. Sometimes I irk Ealain with how I try to say something, and sometimes I irk myself with the same. She and I are largely moving away from trying to translate. We know what we have is good, and at times attempting to discuss it with family or friends or coworkers or such is just like trying to interpret Swahili into Mandarin, but using a Farsi dictionary. Polybabble aside, forgive the diversion, Linus and I are planning on just having some fun tonight.

There have been several memorable play dates since we spoke last. Ealain and I have had some thoroughly exhausting and fulfilling scenes with each other. What works varies from day to day, mood to mood, and several times recently a common note of our play has been "her naked up on the rack, some rope and/or leather restraint in place, me naked doing sensation play flog paddle spank signal whip etc to her, and ending up with me wearing gauntlet length black leather gloves and manhandling her roughly until her eyes roll back in her head and she peaks with a cathartic scream". You know - a standard issue #87. The last time I used the violet wand, a favorite of hers, along with the impact and ended up with her tied to the rack standing upright and my fisting her while she had her butt plug in, until she gushed forth with a flood of female ejaculate. A fucking flood! Oh, god, but it was marvelous - she so embraces the Goddess! We were both totally wiped out by it, but a little while later she took me in the back room and orally helped me to raise sufficient energy that I wasn't truly safe driving home after. Yeah.

Another time I joined Ealain and Linus at the Thursday evening Grind. The boy is adventuresome, and we decided to do some needles. At that party the medical rooms are closed off so bloodsports have to be done in the shower room and that's were we set up. First of all Ealain did a bunch of beautiful endorphin buttons [this is a non-worksafe picture of the lovely Bridgett Harrington wearing a couple of endorphin buttons I gave her a year or two ago, as an example. The mandala or other similar pattern of needles raises a 'button' of raised skin, and once you plateau, you can press or flick the button and have another surge of endorphin wash over you. Pavlov's rats didn't have it so good. ] Once Linus had a collection of those buttons, I got edgy. I'd bought a small notebook sized cork message board, and had him place that under his genitals. I proceeded to stake out the limits of his scrotum to the board with needles, then pierced the outer loose skin of his penile shaft to the board, and finally wove a crossed needle pattern down the upper surface of the length of the shaft. I just did an extensive search and without full membership access to BME I didn't find a decent photograph of a butterfly board, which is what this play is called. Through the genital piercings he was leaning back into the arms of Ealain, who was sitting behind him as they each straddled a bench. I had a tuning fork to use on all the needles once they were in place, and of course for neatness one must shove a needle back into place once it begins to slip out. Suffice to say that, in our play, putting the needles in is only part of the adventure. Removal of the needles can add even more sensation than inserting them, and Linus was roaring through the entire thing. Such a good boy though - he would roar, every bit of musculature and vasculature of his neck standing out like yacht-mooring cables, face red and animal voiced... and then a moment later he would stop, catch his breath, smile, and invite the next insult to his dillywhacker. Such a good boy indeed.

Well, forgive me for rushing off, but I'm cooking for myself tonight, and it's ready. I splurged on a couple of large free range chicken breasts - normally a thigh man, bought in bulk - along with some bacon-drippings braised asparagus with seasoned rice vinegar sprinkled, and some homemade french fries. Add a sugar-free Jones Root Beer, a couple of discs of "The Shield" on DVD [warning: noisy link], and I'll be relaxing getting ready for my late date with Linus. Saturday I'll have a more traditional Thanksgiving at Catsy's house. He is working all this week, so we scheduled it for the weekend.

Life is good; it'll be much better when Ealain is home.

Next entry here, some comments about some of my plans to maintain my sanity during the next four years.

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