November 7th

I ended up taking the rest of Friday off work following my dental appointment in the morning. There are times when mental hygiene and dental hygiene coincide and this was one. We had to make a trip down to Boeing Surplus to get a replacement computer monitor for the one that was flickering [a used IBM 20" for $46, including the special adopter cable]. Ealain and I went to see The Incredibles at the Majestic Bay, here in Ballard. The brass plaque said that it was the oldest consecutively open movie theatre in America and it was beautiful. Enjoyed the movie, and the feeling of playing hooky. Of course, that meant that Saturday I headed on in to the office to do several hours of paperwork that I had missed on Friday. It's amazing how much paperwork you can get done with your own choice of music playing on WMV, your shoes off, and no phones or co-workers ringing.

Saturday night was planned to be fun for not only Ealain and myself, but also for the young man she has been topping. I asked him for his permission to write about him and our experiences in here and he immediately proved himself worthy, by not only letting me know he had already read me, but also by standing for himself. "That's ok, but I get a name. Last time you just said 'young man'. I get a name." Hehehehehe. And so shall it be. Please meet Linus. I told him I might just use boy toy and he thought that might be ok, but let's go with Linus.

We decided to start with dinner at Ealain's house, and we all brought stuff. She had made a great stew of black beans and sausage. I got there a few minutes late and brought the broccoli and stuff to make garlic bread. Linus came a few minutes later with a coffee cake he had made himself, and we had a great dinner and conversation.

Once we got to the Wet Spot, following dinner, we wanted to start right away. Linus was scheduled to start working a volunteer shift at 11:30, so we got going right at the 9 p.m. opening. We had decided on some flogging, some violet wand, and maybe some butt sex. First we spent a moment, breathing together and declaring a safe bubble of space for our experience. Ealain had topped Linus before, and I had co-topped with Ealain before, but Linus and I had not played before at all. He had arrived at the rack stripped bare ass and it was a damn cute little ass indeed. She and I had laid out our floggers and spent the first while tag-teaming the flogging of his back and ass. I think we worked well together, for not having practiced. He has a long lean swimmer's physique and he pinked up really nicely. I was able to lean into it a bit more than Ealain had been able to before, and between she and I, I think we took him up a couple of notches. After the floggers of various severities I broke out a couple of single tails and pretty literally ripped him a new one. I'd say the welts will take a good solid two weeks to heal, if he takes care of them well. He seemed to enjoy the penis clip - just a couple of chopsticks with rubber bands around each end and placed around the end of his dick just behind the crown - and he really enjoyed the violet wand. Ealain had been wanting to get a chance to use it and she really went to town.

Finally I got the high sign from Ealain that the boy was done, and we got him sitting down. I was standing beside him, his chin on my belly and holding a blanket around him as he started slowly coming down, and he made a very nice comment about how he liked my belly - he was such a sweet boy.

After just a few refractory moments, we got him into the big leather sling in the back, and Ealain got out her big strap-on and harness and some high heeled boots. Her dick is so much bigger than mine or any guy I know, and it never gets limp. That boy can take some buttloving, with me just kinda playing with his nips while Ealain fucked the daylights out of him. Now he had told us that he enjoyed fisting, and told me I could sit in after she was done, so I gloved up, stuck a few more Crisco balls in his bomb bay doors, and covered my gloves with silicon lube. His butt was really inviting, and it was fun to put a few fingers in the back door to play with the prostate from the inside while I was putting a couple of fingers of the other hand in through the scrotum to play with the prostate from the outside, and apparently that was a new experience for him. Yippie kay yay! Ealain was standing at the head of the sling, and all of a sudden Linus and I just simultaneously went feral, loud animal noises coming out of our chests and throats and I was pounding several fingers from both hands into his ass together while he was pounding his ass back at me, both of us slamming the sling back and forth, both of our faces raw, animal, and alive, and poor Ealain nearly crushed, trying to keep the sling and his head from knocking the wall down. It was a primal moment - or three, and then suddenly, as often happens with great hot monkey butt sex, our bodies gave out. His ass slammed shut and his body curled, and I fell back onto a stool, unable to move. After a few moments, Ealain quietly got me over onto a nearby bed, and then got him over onto the same bed, and finally she joined us, all exhausted and collapsed onto the mattress, having shared one of those incredible moments. I'll never forget what she told us, once the boy and I were laying there snuggling - "And don't forget - we have more coffeecake!"

It was our first three cornered date but I'm sure we'll have more opportunities. Linus is a nice man and we all three seemed to enjoy the dynamics we got to explore. Life is good, good indeed.

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