November 4th


First of all, I need to make sure that I clear the air on my post-election comments yesterday. I mentioned that Ealain and I had talked about being glad we live where we do. I talked on about some other things and it has been made lovingly clear to me that I should speak for myself - my papal 'we' might have been misinterpreted to include her in my other comments. I was speaking for me, and when I said the "our job to do..." kinda stuff I was speaking in a broad generality about my vision of the opposition for the next four years. Ealain has her own opinions about that stuff and it ain't for me to speak for her.

Love ya, dear. As a peace offering - I found how to create that 'Om' that you had tattooed the other day in a font - like this: \.


Just a few other family comments, and then I'm heading off to bed to rest up for my dentist's appointment tomorrow.

First of all, Catsy linked to my pre-election comments in his blog, and he brought a tear to my eye when he mentioned, "My father--veteran, fireman, nurse, and one of the most honorable men I know--shares his thoughts."

Secondly - Dad and I have had a bit of email discourse following my having sent a cut'n'paste of those same pre-election comments to him in email. We agreed to disagree on our political opinions, but both asserted our love for each other. Last night I got pretty choked up when I read his most recent comments to Ealain on the phone:

"I choose to also love you very much and respect that you have the guts to speak and vote your thoughts and ideals and can just hope that you will continue to do so. The fact that members of your blood family have other ideas and beliefs can in no way denigrate yours.

As they say, thats the strength of this here democracy we have and we can all be thankful for this system. I, too voted yesterday, and in my case, the voting place is down the road a bit and is on the Indian reservation. There were a quite a few voters there when I was and I found it very interesting. A lot of the people voting, can't read or write, therefore, they had somebody signing for them and I suppose voting for them, but they were doing their duty".

I have a true richness of family.

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