November 3rd

I felt I had no ethical choice but to stand personally by my words, and I sent the essay on the election in the prior entry to members of my family who I knew were Bush supporters. My dad is a very nice fellow whom I love very much, but has simply voted with one party all his life. My kid sister is much more outspokenly conservative and intolerant.

Dad emailed me that we would simply have to agree to disagree. We both spoke of our love for each other. Sis emailed me that she didn't want to read that "junk" and stated that my "facts" were wrong.

Catsy and Jess, on the other hand, my son and his partner, emailed me that they admired my writing.

You just have to do what you can.


I had hoped to be able to use the phrase, "Our long national nightmare is over." It appears that the gods and goddesses have decided that George Bush needs to have another four years of fucking up before the pendulum swings waaaaaay back our way. Dammit.

And now, what to do next. It appears that the American people have returned to the 1950's, and that they are more in favor of a moral theocracy than I had thought. More than Taliban it appears it is now going to be TalAmerican. My only consolation is that I live in a state which outvoted George Bush 52 to 46%. Ealain and I have talked and we're probably going to live our lives right here, no matter what may in the future entice us elsewhere. Here we feel safer.

The strengthened GOP majority in Congress and the White House are already making their plans. More theologically based attacks on the civil rights of the minorities. More "moral initiatives". And more fucking George Bush, who is only a simpleton, but more importantly, more of the string-pullers behind him. Rove, Ralph Reed, Cheney, and others.

Our call to arms - ironic that the side of this battle who is most anti-war has to have a call to arms - is to dig in, to energize, and to respect and fear our opponents. We must keep the international light of day shed on their actions, and we must publicly document every crime they commit.

It is time to donate to Planned Parenthood. It is time to donate to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. It is time to donate to the ACLU. It is time to patronize Janes Guide and to encourage the brave souls running the websites we endorse. It is time to act and fight for our rights - and to live and fuck and orgasm and love.

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