November 3rd

It's time to get a breath of fresh air in here. First of all, here's the ill wind that spurred this.

I find it hard not to rant. Phrases like "...that double digit IQ coke head..." and "...he stole the Presidency and now he wants to steal our smut..." but there's much more to this than that.

This is one more attempt to create a reality that only exists in their mind. They - Bush, Ashcroft, and company - will burn books given a chance, they will legislate their black and white moral code on the masses. And they're just flat wrong.

They conflate concepts that are not necessarily linked, they pander to fears of the masses, they say what they think they can get away with.

These people are so terrified of the people they can't control that they won't be happy until they have totally recreated 1984. At times comments like mine seem as flip as those who run around the net citing Godwin's Law at the drop of a fascist, but the more and more I look over Orwell's thoughts, the more I see commonalties with Bush et al.

Now, me, I'm just indignant, angry, pissed off and rabble rousing. Some of my friends, now, have done some excellent wordsmithing on this and I want to point you at them.

First of all, the very lovely Bri - Editrix of Satin Slippers - posted an excellent commentary in her journal which very appropriately cites an oft forgotten document - the US Constitution.

And next, I got a note from the inestimable Hanne Blank announcing "The First International Protection from Crappy Porn Week of Resistance".

Gotta love her graphic. She encourages people to copy it and use it on their own sites, so please feel free. Spread the word. Crappy smut is the only kind to avoid.

One major thing that Bri and Hanne and I all want to emphasize to the folks out there reading is that Smut is Good. Read it. Jerk off with it. Share it with your adult friends and family. Watch some with your partners. Tell your elected officials that you want your adult right to read whatever flicks your bic. And just once, before you go to bed tonight, click on this link and sing the Lehrer lyrics along with the midi accompaniment. To quote Tom:

In other words: Smut! I love it.

Ah, the adventures of a slut.

Oh, I'm a market they can't glut.

I don't know what

Compares with smut.

Hip, hip, hooray!

Let's hear it for the Supreme Court!

Don't let them take it away!

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