November 12th

It's not a very scientific survey, but it seemed like a good idea to me. On my way back to town tonight from driving Vamp home to her outback hideaway I decided to do a little bit of recycling. Every election year I hate seeing those unsightly poster picket farms on the street corners, I heat my home with my fireplace, and the election is over, more or less. Ergo, I collected a back seat full of these posters and their wooden stakes and I'm running them through the fireplace as kindling.

I wasn't certain which of the various posters would put out the most heat. They were all on different wooden stakes, different sized posters, different inks, and so forth. The Bush and the Gore both appeared at first to work equally, until I noticed that under the Bush was a small Nader poster. The Nader poster and stake didn't put out that much heat on it's own, but it had propped the Bush poster up, and made it temporarily appear to be as viable as the Gore poster. Just a brief flashy false appearance, but it almost worked long enough for me to have decided.

Not so scientific, I know. But I chuckled, which is the first happy thing I've seen in this damn election.

A while back my good friend Vamp was excited - her beloved Sterben was inbound, moving to town. Unfortunately there was a glitch and his long awaited joining of her was delayed. It's a long and involved affair, not of their making and not my business to detail, but suffice it to say that it's a tad bit frustrating to the both of them. Over the past month or so I've been chatting with her about arranging some play to help relieve some of the tensions, but without treading on anything that is sacred and personal to the two of them. I wanted to make sure that he was comfortable with whatever was set up, and offered to help find folks that he was ok with to help her out. A lot of negotiation has taken place and this weekend is when she came to town.

She was dropped off at my house Saturday afternoon by a friend and we spent some hours catching up on this'n'that. We ICQ or email nearly daily but see each other all too rarely. I know she's a bit of a finicky eater so I'd cleared my dinner choice with her via ICQ ahead of time [venison bulgogi]. I sat her in a director's chair in the kitchen to bless each vegetable I threw into the stir-fry [although how in the world she could say no to the sweet onions and the garlic chives, I'll never know].

We arrived at the Wet Spot around 8:30pm, just as the local Polyamory Potluck was breaking up, and it was nice to see several friends I know from various sacred sexuality venues, but who aren't frequent Fetish Party attendees. I'd hoped that some of the friends from online would also be there early, cuz I knew how much Vamp wanted to schmooze, but by the time we got out playing on the dungeon floor, many of the Usual Suspects were still apparently out fighting traffic or baby-sitters. No matter - we had a full dance card and it was time to get going.

We started with grounding and centering, taking five breaths together. Vamp had dressed for the night in boydrag - white shirt and tie & pin strip suit. She had also let me know that she had a terror of knives. Kevin was nice enough to loan me a beautiful brand new straight razor, which served our purposes just fine. I shredded the suit, starting with removing the lapels, the buttons, removed the shirt piece by piece, sliced the sox off, opened up the tshirt, and so forth. After 30, 45 minutes of slow terrifying work I had her down to a white bra with nipples showing through a rip and partially shredded white panties. The bra was disassembled, and I turned the panties into a impromptu garter belt, tendrils hanging from the waist, tied off to rings in her labia and hood. I trimmed the one attached to her hood and then stretched out the one tied to her lip, poised the straight razor in the air, slashed down, and it separated.


For the first time in all the slashing there was a bit of blood. I was scared that I had cut her - which I had in fact assured her and her guy that I wouldn't do. Through the entire affair I'd appeared violent, appeared unpredictable, appeared clumsy, but in fact I'd been damn sure of exactly what I was doing with every stroke, even when I was saying 'oops!', and I was certain I'd been six inches away from her skin in this stroke. Double argh... it turns out that after having cut her suit, shirt, tshirt, sox, tie, bra, and panties off piece by piece, the razor had dulled and when I hit the last bit of cloth with it I actually pushed it instead of cutting it, and the ring had ripped out through her labia lip. Argh, and argh yet again.

The bleeding stopped after a moment or two of direct pressure, she using a pad of her ripped clothing, and we moved on to the second segment of our evening. R, a good friend and a lady who had played with both Vamp and I before, and double teamed with me in a good old fashioned flogging. R and I pulled out the contents of our respective whip bags, and in our years we've both managed to put together an impressive collection. Young Miss Vamp was thoroughly warmed up on both fore and aft. Thuddy, stingie, nerf bats, deerskin, buffalo hide, synthetics, a braided cat, a flogger made of strips of steel belted radial, even a skosh little bit of signal whipping. Sometimes both of us in syncopated flogging, then I'd do some solo flogging while R did a little nipple torture, or she did the whip action while I traded breaths with Vamp and other variations on a theme. It all added up and she went over the top, shaking and quivering.

The plan at this point was for Kevin to take over and do some nice hemp rope bondage as a form of cool down. I swear - and I've told Kev this - at times I feel like Hank Hill echoing "...that boy ain't right". He is given a naked beautiful woman, he has a couple hundred feet of good rope he wants to do precision work with, and he takes her into the darkest room in the building. Holding my hand in front of my face I not only couldn't tell if my fingernails were dirty, I couldn't tell if I HAD fingernails. It wasn't my scene to do at this point, however, and Kevin did a beautiful, absolutely outstanding job. Sterben had expressed interest in what Kevin was going to do, so we went out into a lit room where I took a handful of photos of the bondage to send off to her guy. It's work Kev should be proud of and I think he and Sterben will be talking now and then.

Life gets timeless when you get to a good point, and having started playing around 9pm, we discovered it was now 1am and schmoozing time was fleeting. Several of the Usual Suspects - Jane, White Jade, Coyote, Panther - had arrived and were chomping at the bit to chat with the young lady we'd been monopolizing for several hours. It was really cute to watch Vamp and Jane, sitting in that groggy I-just-got-out-of-a-scene-and-I'm-loopier-than-the-three-stooges state, as they matched realities and gradually talked each other up to reality. Once they were coherent Jade joined in with Coyote and Panther doing occasional drive-by chattings.

Some folks were heading out to a restaurant but we were both fading and decided to to head on back to my place for some of my trademark fresh homemade egg drop soup. In addition, Vamp had answered the query I'd posted online seeking a pedicure. The fireplace stoked up, my aged bod leaning back in the recliner, she proceeded to soak my feet, rub them down, plane them, trim them, do all the simple mechanical things and do them in a caring and lovingly gentle manner all the way to a peppermint rubdown. Oh, happy feet!

It was late when we finally got to sleep, and Vamp said that Littleone came out to check on her on the futon several times, the feline ambassador of the household. Kevin came over in the morning to say good bye and to pick up his rope, and then Vamp and I went on down to shop Al's. She picked up a huge stack of information on sanitary and ethical standards for body art to take down to her remote corner of the universe, and Al checked her labia lip tear and prescribed sea salt soaks and come on back for a repiercing in a little while.

We picked up Panther for a travelling companion on our way out of town and began the journey. The two girls kept up a jabber for the next two hours - I, of course, kept full time and attention on the road and my cracker jacks - and our long exhausting weekend wound down to a quiet conclusion. With Vamp safely returned to her family, Panther kept me company on the drive back to Seattle. In turn, I got Panther back to her own family, and I came on home to Littleone. The last ten miles or so I got this wild hair up my ass about collecting political posters to feed the fireplace and... but this is where y'all came in.

All in all, a wonderful weekend spent with a thoroughly remarkable lady, nestled in the bosom of a marvelous collection of friends. I look forward to Sterben having a speedy trip to join her here, and in the meantime am glad that we were able to give her some fun, some endorphins, some fellowship, an escape from her daily grind. It's what friends do, and it's why life continues to be good.

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