November 4th

Please make note of the date - November 4th, 2000. It's the date that I walk into the Wet Spot and a tall beautiful brunette comes up to me and shakes my hand, saying "Hi, Peter... I'm Susie Bright. I've been looking forward to meeting you." Note that the normally verbose and composed Peter did indeed start stuttering.

Susie was in town to schmooze a bit with Jane and to do a workshop on expressing oneself erotically. As far as I could tell, she was successful on both counts. She and Jane had a nice one on one dinner Friday, as Jane recounted in her journal. The workshop was a couple hours of fun, mixing up with strangers and doing Susie-guided fantasy discussion. Around fifty folks were there, and everyone seemed to enthusiastically enjoy themselves.

Afterwards, a handful of us went out for Italian. As usual, we let Georgette make the food arrangements and as usual, dinner was fine. Susie, Jane, Jim, myself, Georgette, George, and a couple of other friends enjoyed several hours of sitting around the table joking and dishing and generally having a good time. All too soon the evening broke up and Georgette and I had to head back to the Wet Spot for work.

She was running the pansexual party and I was Dungeon Monitor for the first few hours. It was a fairly sedate evening, with many party goers apparently being out of town at Black Rose. Not too long after I went off duty I started fading and headed on home.

Today was going to be the day that Al showed me how to treat the deer hide I got last week, but when I arrived Al was sleeping deeply. He'd been up very late and, well, was damn near unarousable. I chatted with RHB and his lady & showed them some pix from the Bloodbath, then spent a bit of time chatting with Kevin while we salted down the deer hide.

I put in some hours this afternoon and evening spent on website chores and damned if it isn't time to lay out my work clothes and get ready for the work week. All in all, not a fancy weekend, with some ups and some downs. There was a noisy and fun orgy Friday night at the Hot Spot party where I had a lot of fun with Marian and her partner, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by the news later that night of Dad's S.O. passing away. Meeting Susie was a high point. Life is like that, I guess - the highs and the lows all mixed in.

All that's left at this point is to wait for the next week, and see if the American public is stupid enough to vote for a mean spirited mouthbreather who not only traded away Sammy Sosa when he owned the Texas Rangers, but who day after day shows himself to be dumber than Dan Quayle. Keep your fingers crossed - and vote!

Life continues good.

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