May 15th

It's hard to believe another month has gone by. Life has been so full.

I spent a couple of weeks on 3WA as a volunteer moderator of their Politics and Current Events forum, and it was busy. Generally I'm in there going toe to toe with the Forces Of Different Opinions Than Mine, but instead I spent the time as the gentle voice of reason. I had over a thousand posts to screen and it was fairly consuming. Fun, but glad it's over, especially given the terrible things which have become current topics the pas week or so.

Let me just say it very clearly - I'm an American and love my country, but the current administration no longer has my permission to engender and condone atrocities in my name. I'm very ashamed and have a very difficult time expressing how deeply angered I am. The permission for these crimes started with the misnamed Patriot Act, it's casual and systemic disregard for civil rights for American citizens, and that pervasive end-justifies-the-means "leadership" from the highest levels bears as much responsibility as any of the lowest level soldiers they are hanging out as scapegoats. Rumsfeld must go, Ashcroft must go, Bush must go. It will be a very long time after they are out of office for us to cleanse our national palate and to rehabilitate our international reputation.

My diet has plateaued. I started the first of October around 275 and got down as low as 248, I'm now hovering right around 250. I want to lose a lot more but I've gotten stuck in the mud. I've started exercise for the first time in many years. There is a water aerobics class several times a week a mile from the house and I'm hitting that a couple of times a week. I'm working my way out of using the elevator at work and doing more stairs. Ealain has been going to water aerobics with me and feeding me a lot of outstanding fresh and high quality greens out of her p-patch garden, and we've grown quite fond of each other. We're both continuing to date others of course, but we're both looking to spend as much time together as possible.

Dad will be back from his snowbirding in Arizona shortly, and we'll be catching some Mariners games together once he's here. On other family matters, Catsy and his partner Jess are living with me for now. He has started a good job working as night shift triage geek for a Major Online Merchant, and she's still looking for work as a luthier. It's good to have folks in the house, although it is a bit of a change for an old hermit like me. We're getting along fairly well. Jess, Catsy's partner, is very easy to live with and is doing everything and more to carry her weight. They aren't here forever; just until they are able to get a nest egg and move into their own place. In the meantime, it's nice to have family.

Paradise is coming. Poly Camp will be in July, and there are a lot of other events coming up this summer. Ealain has introduced me to local butoh performances at Intimate Theatre [you can't get more intimate than in the artist's own living room], and I have a collection of tickets for Safeco Field throughout the Mariners' season. Life is continuing quite good.

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