May 25th

Ruminations Department...

When a friend read my last entry I asked her for comments - as a writing whore, I often do. She said something about, "Sounds accurate, glad you're getting better, not as much whining as before", and I'm certain she's right. I just reread the past month of entries and there's been a whole helluva lot of whining. Life hasn't been fun lately, and I've had a hard time not being ground central at a pity party. Truth is, this disease, this pneumonia, this past month or so of my life has been the biggest butt kicking disease has ever done to me. I've never been so humbled by a disease. I've never needed friends so much, and I still feel guilty about each and every time someone has done something for me.

An unspoken concern has been reading. I normally consume several books a week. I haven't picked up the novel I was reading a week or two ago. I've spent a lot of time online but I've hopped and skipped from one thing to another, no long bursts of reading anything. Seems that one of the staminas I've lost is my ability to maintain my focus on the written word. It has implications both on the job, technical reading, and in my chosen form of relaxing, escapist reading. I'm going to have to rebuild the muscles.

Yesterday Dad came down from Bellingham. He drove, of course - Millie hasn't been out of the lot in a week - and we went to IHOP for breakfast. That pretty well tired me out. We went from IHOP to Central Market - one of the world's best grocery stores. By the time I got home I was sweat through my Ichiro tshirt, I had no strength for standing and barely for sitting, and breath was tough. Dad took off and I ended up napping for a couple of hours and felt a little better after. All day yesterday my voice was for shit. I was getting maybe a word or two at a time out, and it hurt. And I was truly pausing for breath every couple of words.

Last night I slept better and today I haven't had nearly the cough and hence nearly the drugs. My voice is much better. I've taken it quite easy, tried not to get excited or anything, and am feeling just a skosh better. I know I still look and sound like the south end of a north bound mule, but I am stronger.

My hope now is to continue the healing gradually through tomorrow and see how I can do about returning to work on at least a part time basis Tuesday. As much as I want to get back to work I know it will still be a while before I've got my full strength and stamina, but I have to try.

Oh, and this very very very low salt stuff? Man, it sucks canal water. I've had a lot of advice from folks, and am using it. I've used a lot of fresh squeezed lemon juice in recipes and tonight used cayenne. All well and good, but I'm jonesing for a potato chip. I almost reached for the phone tonight to call for General Tao's Chicken and Egg Flower Soup - a standard order of mine from the Rickshaw but instead I thawed some boneless skinless thighs and threw them in a bag of rice bran oil, marsala wine, pepper, cayenne, garlic and onion powder. Nothing remotely salt like. Off the George Foreman, they weren't bad. I still want a friggin potato chip though.


Siskel and Ebert and Throckmorton Department, again...

Recently, 61*, the fantastic love story to baseball from Billy Crystal; Boondock Saints - and they are making a sequel!; Braveheart and Space Cowboys. And yes, 61* squeezed as many tears out of me this morning as the first time I saw it.


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