May 12th

I spent all day Sunday at GirlShawn's place. First of all, I ended up out there - in the middle of East Bumfuck - at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I normally don't do Sunday morning at all. There are some advantages to not being christian. Anyhow...

The first happiness for me was on the drive out. My cell rang and in trying to grab the ear piece so I could use it safely hands off I damn near hit someone. Note to self - attach the ear piece before hitting the road. It was Catsy, my #1 and only son, calling out of the blue. He had a bit of a chuckle in his voice as he said, "Since you were mother and father both to me most of my life growing up I decided you deserved a Mother's Day phone call." The fact that it's true, and that I've felt that way for over 20 years now just made it all the sweeter that he had thought to do that. We chatted for about 20 minutes on this and that and I really enjoyed hearing from him.

Now, out to GirlShawn's place. It's a large house in the middle of about 5 wooded acres. Her kids were gone and we went back onto the deck to relax in the sun. First thing I knew I'd accidentally taken all my clothes off to recline in the sunbeams. Guess I'd blinked and accidentally lost 35 years and thought I was on the wooded property of The Barn, a commune in the hills outside Santa Cruz I hung at in the late 1960s. The Barn is where the book "Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" ends up. It felt good to bathe in the sun and pine scent, and after a respectful time devoted solely to sun worship we moved into mutual worship. Ended up two hours later finally emerging to shower off and begin what we had started out to do - fix the busted window in my car.

After a while we had to go get her kids, and met her Best Bud for lunch. We picked up a very needed manual for the car and some duct tape and ended up working until close to 10 p.m. on the damn thing! We fixed part of the problem - we got it back on track and closed. It still isn't opening and closing right and I figured close to 12 hours on it was many hours too many. I packed up and headed home. Don't get the impression, by the way, that I had much of anything to do with the mechanical work. She is the expert and I was the guy who occasionally would "hold this!". She is a saint, a goddess, a marvel, and I will be working on ways to show my appreciation for a while yet to come.

So, last night after I got home from her place? The damn cough kept me awake more through more of the night than not, all night long. I ended up a couple of times getting out of bed to sit upright in my office chair, just to be vertical. If I didn't work at a job I love with people I like, I would not have gone to work today. I felt like hand-wrought shit pie. Mid afternoon I called my HMO and they said I could be seen by a doc backing my regular doc up while he was out of town. She and I spent some time together. She said that it wasn't actually pneumonia, but rather - her best guess - a viral bronchitis. She gave me more meds and we shall see what we shall see. For now - I still feel like a shit pie.

Bottom line - my son made me very happy Sunday, Shawn and I had two hot and therapeutic hours of wonderful moist and vigorous sex, my car window is still busted but in a better way, and this friggin coughing is killing me. On the whole, life is good, but it hurts. Seems like a mixed bagful of good'n'bad stuff is the only way life comes, don't it?

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