May 10th

A little bit of catch up here.

The boss told me I had to have an absolutely effective cough suppressant to come back to work. Unfortunately, I'd already been using the best non-prescription and the effective prescription ones are narcotic. For better than 20 years now I've managed to avoid drugs and alcohol. I have a rare half beer every year or two, but that's about it. I've refused narcotics after root canals. I sent Doc Cody an email and explained the circumstances and instead of codeine he prescribed Hycodan. It has hydrocodone in it, a very effective anti-cough medicine that is the narcotic ingredient in Vicodin as well as an anti-cholinergic, homatropine. I was really afraid that it would snow me, make it so I wasn't able to have clarity of my mind when I work. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it helps suppress the cough, but I don't get any sense of a 'high' or any sedative side effect. I returned to work Wednesday and although I'm taking it very slow paced, I am able to function. We saw patients Wednesday, Thursday, and about 2/3 of Friday, which is normally a paperwork-only day.

I had one of those days Friday that are nothing I look forward to. A patient we are seeing for a relatively minor thing had another, life changing and ominous thing show up on our studies. Breaking that sort of news is no fun at all.

Let me move back a bit. Monday evening Panther and her partner David came over. They brought the fixings, BBQ'd chicken on my grill, and prepared an entire meal for me. After they washed all the dishes we had used. They were great company and it was the first real meal I'd had in a week. Most days I'd been eating the occasional licorice or chip, but mostly a bowl of chicken soup a day. I really appreciated their visit and efforts, and even so was exhausted by the time they left.

Tuesday A.T. came by and helped me do just about everything in the world that I had as an undone. We returned DVDs to Blockbuster and Rain City Video both. Got my Hycodan at the HMO's pharmacy. Did a bunch of catch-up grocery shopping. She spent several hours driving me all over town and it was a very appreciated boon. She is such good company.

Friday Hazel came over. She got here early and stayed late and sterilized the place. She stripped the bed and sterilized the mattresses, scrubbed every bit of porcelain in the place, you name it. She said she wanted to make sure that I had a clean place to recover in. She was still here long after I got home from work and almost worked herself into overheating. She is really good for me, an essential part of how I keep my house and home safe and sane. She has a large aquarium twice the size of mine and a couple of fish she says she can't care for so she's bringing hers over here and trading with me. Her two and my four fish will get along ok, and she'll have the smaller one for her daughter in the future. I'd been thinking of an additional aquarium and this larger one will sure fill the bill.

Last night I visited the Erotic City party at the Spot for a few minutes, more to say hi to a couple of friends than anything else and despite the fact that there was a young lady there who I found absolutely entrancing - after 30 minutes of schmoozing or so I had a coughing fit that drove me off my feet and I came home without a touch of flesh. Not my usual style. I gotta get stronger.

Tonight, stopped down to the Pan Party at the Spot long enough to say hi and drop some stuff off for someone and sure enough, ended up with a friend doing percussion on my back to try to help with my coughing. Yup - might as well temporarily retire my slut card.

Life is getting better, but it would be really nice to feel strong enough for a bit of simple sex. Yeah. Real nice.

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