May 4th

This reminds me of friends who lost a good deal of unwanted weight after a cholecystectomy - a lousy way to diet. Having pneumonia is a lousy way to have sufficient time to write journal entries. Oh - and lousy timing? Last week was the week I'd planned on starting my exercise program. Kevin had told me about the Cpt Ballard Pool and they have evening exercise programs perfect for a deconditioned fart like me. Needless to say, I didn't make it there last week.

I woke this morning knowing by how I felt that I had had benefit of 24 hours of medications. I woke without an immediate wracking cough for the first time in a week. I've done some research today on pneumonia in general and walking pneumonia in particular. This shit is nasty. I'm used to having bronchitis or a chest cold for 3-4 days every year or so. Never had asthma, environmental allergies, none of that stuff. Now I'm reading that it can take weeks to recover your strength. Hopefully I'll be able to work Tuesday, but I will be weak. Everybody tells me not to rush it or overdo myself, but I'm determined to 'rush it' as fast as is safe to do. I'm going to be weak for weeks and come back slowly, I know, but it'll be the fastest slowly I can manage.

I have already called in for tomorrow because I just had another one of those sudden coughing fits that leaves me seeing white lights and lightheaded for a couple minutes and I'm scared shitless to drive. I'm just not safe. I've got videos to get back to Rain City Video and Blockbuster both and ya know what? They'll get the DVDs whenever it's safe for me to get them to them. [In addition to others mentioned yesterday, Gaudi Afternoon, a gender fluid comedy with Judy Davis being marvelous as always, and Hysterical Blindness, Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis in one of the saddest films I've seen in a while. Gads, having watched Roger Dodger and Hysterical Blindness both within a week will make you never want to drink, smoke, or date again.]

Let's talk about friends.

Molly brought me by a tub of kitty litter that Littleone desperately needed. I have cat food for a few days and tons of canned goods and the chest freezer to keep me going, but Littleone hasn't learned the trick of balancing on the rim of the throne whilst depositing her kittyjewels. In addition to bringing litter and showing me her beauteous smiling face, Molly showed me some of her truly excellent photographic work and promised to do a photo shoot of me when I'm healthy again!

Also last night Panther and David came by. Panther had reached out over ICQ to send me a recipe for a decongestant and cough suppressant and brought me some of the ingredients. She said to dice a onion up small [a regular onion, which is what she brought me, cuz the sweet onions I eat don't have enough chutzpah to work] and place it in a jar. Cover the onion with honey - and I've got some great local honey Dad got me last year - and leave the mix to sit overnight. Tomorrow I will strain the onions out and then I have sulfurated honey to drink. Yeah - I know; I'm scared too. Panther swears by it and uses it all the time. I know that I need every tool I can get to get back in the game so if that includes sulfurated honey, so be it.

Plus - special special - Panther and David offered to come back Monday evening and cook me dinner! I was very glad to accept their generous gift.

Molly and Panther, of course, gave lots of loving attention to Littleone. The Burmese in her makes her convince visitors that I neglect her and leave her unloved. Littleone is just pissed that I'm here more often catching her trying to shake hands with the fish.

Many other friends have been in touch with words of support. It is all appreciated.

Life's getting better. It's gonna be a long haul on this one.

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