May 2nd

I woke up Monday with a raw throat and a cough that has settled into my chest, and felt guilty - and weaker, by the moment - through Tuesday. No nurse should have to fight coughs around patients. I told the doc Tuesday evening as I left that if I felt worse I'd not be in Wednesday. I then did my usual when heading home from work already aware I'll be ill the next day - I hit the grocery store for half a dozen cans of chicken noodle or chicken rice soup, 3 frozen OJ cans, and hit the video store. The kid at Blockbuster set me off my feed.

Blockbuster Kid: [looking at my selection of Seven Samurai] Never heard of it.

Me: by Kurosawa?

BBK:Don't know him.

Me: Starring Toshiro Mifune?

BBK: Never heard of him either.

Me: One of the top five to ten movies of all time. They based Magnificent Seven on it?

BBK: Oh, I heard of that TV show....

I let him live.

The rest of the stack by the tube right now? Death to Smoochy, Skins, Road House - doesn't a Sam Elliott film festival sound like a great idea -, The Transporter, and hopefully this week Secretary will hit the "$9.99 previously viewed" shelf.
So anyhow, I haven't gotten the car window fixed, my DVD collection unpacked, or any decadence decanted. A bit of Tylenol, frequent naps, a bit of Fisherman's Friend cough drops, wasting some hours with the chat whores at 3WA and trying to recover my strength. This morning, Friday, I went in to get my pay check deposited and I had to rest up after taking my shower before I got dressed. I ended up doing a few minutes of paperwork in the office just to rest up for the walk back to the parking lot. Just the simple stuff - my brain just hasn't been on full oxygen this week.

I hate this shit, man. The kind of coughing that makes you stagger and see stars for a moment, and leave ya lightheaded for a moment or two after. It is hard to work on making life good when you can't friggin breath well enough. I'll work on it for the next few days and let ya know

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