May 31st

Ya know, it's crazy. I go through the week seeing little interesting vignettes that would entertain here. Make mental notes ... "... mouth breathing fool driving with a latte, cell phone, _and_ a cigarette...", or "ya ever go to the grocery store _only_ to look for just the right insertable vegetable?", "...and what she said was _exactly_ the same as the lines of the book I'd just been reading...", or " happy to see young couples shopping happily together at the sex toy store...". So few of them make it all the way into my thought processes as I'm sitting down to type out another episode of the highs and lows of Life As I See It. Pity. I have to take better notes on life.


I'm writing this late Thursday evening, for posting dated Friday morning. As usual before a road trip, packing comes last minute. I'm meeting Linda, from Sacramento, at a friend's place in Eugene, Oregon for the next few days. The weekend we happened to decide to 'meet in the middle' turns out to be the evening of a monthly house party there, so we'll be able to stretch our play wings a bit. I have myself pretty well packed for play, and in the morning just have to toss toiletries, Yahoo Maps printout, a couple of kilts, and some this'n'that into a bag and be ready.

Hazel was here today, her usual Thursday lifesaving visit. As she was heading out I was throwing together a fine impromptu meal in the kitchen she had just sterilized. Pork blade steak in a soak including marsala, garlic granules, spike, tankatsu, teriyaki, and some of my guilty secret favorite - Safeway's house brand of honey/garlic marinade. Some sweet baby potatoes Dad gave me from a farmer's market he hit last weekend, along with a diced up early baby Walla Walla [nearly grown up sized] all diced up into chicken broth boiling for mash and chunks of fresh asparagus steaming over the same boiling broth. Once I mashed the spuds/onion mix, I diced the asparagus into the mash and filled my Harry Potter/General Cinema commemorative plastic cup with some OJ and with a freshly George Foreman'd steak I was a happy boy.

On food, lemme tell you about Monday night? I took a zip lock [large sandwich sized] baggie full of odd chunks of venison and defrosted it then put it in a similar marinade to tonight's except with an emphasis on oyster sauce. I diced a large handful of mushrooms into a bowl of marsala. Sauted a pile of sweet onion [more of those early Walla Wallas] in a lot of butter. Added the venison bits. Added the mushrooms. Threw a lid over it and cooked it all in the deep hot butter til it was a smooth well cooked cardiology terror poured over rice, and great goddess but it was good! I'll pay for it someday in the emergency room, but you just can't beat a meal like that for taste. Same time I was eating Bambi I was watching a wonderful wonderful movie. 61*, directed by Billy Crystal. Truly a labor of love, detailing out in exquisitely researched detail the 1961 race between Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. Get it on DVD and watch the documentary 'making of' first. I lost track of how many times emotion welled up into my tear ducts. If you aren't a baseball fan, or if you have no sense of the context of that era, you may not enjoy it, but on the other hand you may be bitten by the same bug as Billy and I. Gads, there are times to just shamelessly wallow in nostalgia, no apology. These are those times when escaping to nostalgia is healthy.


Finally, on the "I told you I was an old fart!" front, the 31st of May, 2002 is a landmark for me. Thirty-five years ago, on May 31st, 1967, I graduated high school.

I survived Viet Nam by instead of Viet Nam, spending 14 months under fire in Korea. I survived living on the streets, sleeping in dumpsters. I survived being shot at, knives pulled on me, falling out of a helicopter, hopping freights, diving out of maliciously driven cars, and single parenthood. I survived doing enough hallucinogens to keep the street lights in Haight Ashbury multi-colored. I survived a cult. I survived years of going into burning buildings other people were rushing out of, and taking an ambulance into more perilous situations that ever would be prudent. I survived two marriages. I survived more near-death experiences than the odds would ever favor. I survived a brief period where I thought conservative politics made sense. I've so far survived the first couple of decades of the AIDS plague. I've survived relationships that were peak experiences, and I've survived being cast aside like yesterday's dirty laundry. And I've kept on surviving, kept on sharing orgasms, kept on living my life as I saw it to be lived, and I have no plans on that ending any time soon.

Life is indeed good.

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