May 22nd

I'd like to start, first of all, by thanking Lydia and her play partner Silenus for their initiative and execution in hosting our first ever JO-Palooza at the Wet Spot, in honor of National Masturbation Month. [Google this morning, by the way, told me this: "Searched the web for national masturbation month. Results 1 - 10 of about 18,500" in their usual 0.16 seconds. ]

I've been flirting with C.B. a bit recently, and have been friends and occasional play partners with him for years. We've been talking about getting in some boyboy time, and figured that taking adjoining seats at the JO party would be a good start. We got together on a couch as things were starting and began fooling around and having some fun. I'd inserted one of my favorite butt toys, the hard plastic container that a 60cc syringe comes in, and C.B. was on his knees in front of me. Later we shifted over to him laying on the couch prone as I lubed most of the top of his body and did body sliding and stuff. It was a good time, but unfortunately my limp willy just kept being obstinately limp. And in front of the room the reading of selections from a book - fine selections, but nothing that I'd ever jerk off to - kept going on and on and on. I just couldn't get it up or keep it up with the distracting reading going on. I feel bad for C.B. - it truly wasn't his fault. After we tapered off our fooling around the reading was still going on. He wandered off and I got a couple of wanking story books from the library to try to jerk off with. That didn't really work either. It's just really hard to get it up when someone is talking over everything else in the room.

Eventually I grabbed my other toy I'd brought - a prostate stimulator - and slipped it into place and went over to the side room where the Sybian Lydia had rented was set up. It looked pretty interesting, and another couple were eyeing it, so we chatted for a moment. I asked the female half of the couple if she wanted to warm it up for me, or if she wanted me to warm it up. She decided to go first, so she got all the stuff set up [we covered the saddle with saran wrap, condom on the insertable, paper towels down if you're gonna spew, that sort of thing] and she had what looked like a great ride. While she was on the Sybian I had a pretty short conversation with another lady standing there looking on.

Me: Howdy. You gonna try it?

Her: I think so. You?

Me: I think so too. How'd you like to team up and help me and I'll help you?

Her: Great!

About this time she was reaching behind her to fondle my little dillywhacker and I was reaching around in front of her to play with her very nicely responsive nipples.

Me: So, what's your name?.....

If that ain't the slut as he's been for over 30 years, I don't know what is.

Anyhow, it came up my turn on the beast and I've gotta tell you, it lives up to all the claims. They have a second device designed for men, but this one was just fine for me. The dildo sticking up from the saddle both vibrates and rotates around just like your soda straw does when you stir up your milkshake. There is a control for each of the two motions on a long cable, and I started slow but within a few seconds had both all the way spun around the dial to the max. The thing was, I was barely getting anything from them, although I'm sure everyone in the room could hear the motor revving like a biplane ready to take off. My new friend was kneeling in front of me playing with my dick and I was playing with her tits and it was just kinda lightweight fun until..... until.... until..... I scrunched down and sat as far down on that bad boy as I could and all of a sudden the little rotating and vibrating dick came into contact with my prostate... ... ... ... and all I can dimly remember was letting out the beast. Roaring as loud and long as my lungs lasted without a single conscious thought, and I sort of recall my eyes fluttering open and closed and my butt coming off of the saddle when I face planted onto the carpet beside my partner. It may have even gotten to be my version of... I was far gone into a prostate orgasm that had me quivering and puffing and not ready for coherent speech for a bit. I don't think my willy ever did get hickory, but with a prostate go you don't need it to. Eventually I staggered out of the room and across the floor towards the shower, wondering about all the people looking up at me and laughing at my halting gait and dazed expression.

I waddled on back from a quickie shower and she was ready to get up onto the saddle herself. She was about to settle on it anally as I had, but it went into her cunny a bit more easily, so I kneeled behind her and added fingers to her back door. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself every bit as much as I had, although I'll give her the fact that she was a lot quieter. Obviously, I sure can't describe her subjective experience but I think we're both now confirmed Sybian riders. We adjourned to the shower room, and fooled around another 30 minutes or so.

All in all, I think the JO party was a fine experience. My only suggestions would be to have a drop your outer clothes at the door rule [too many hopeful gawkers who never did anything solo or otherwise]; confine the erotic reading to an area where it doesn't override the attention of everyone; and please do it again! I think it's worthy of being a quarterly party at least.

MiniRant of the Day:

Oh, just a couple to start off this occasional topic with.

First of all, people, please listen to this. I was an English major several of the times I attempted college. Punctuation marks include the period (.), the comma (,), exclamation marks (!!!), and even the little understood and unfortunately named semi-colon (;). I've checked at, I've checked with Miss Manners, and I even called Sam, the professor I had for several years of honors writing classes. Nowhere - and that should really be nowhere - is the mark (LOL) mentioned as a proper, or even a commonly-used but improper, punctuation mark. The best thing a LOL does, especially when used as frequently as it too often is used, is to invoke a visceral wince. And for any friends who might say, "Oh, no. He's talking about me!!" ... I'm talking about everyone I've run into for the past 12 years I've been online who does it.

And the other rant for today... it's simple, people. The word 'word', is only a word. It isn't a declaration, it isn't a sentence, it certainly isn't a complete thought clearly expressed. The use of it colloquially came from the streets, but 199% of the people I see using it online instead of saying what they really mean have never been in the same city as a 'street'. They're just lazy, and trying to sound trendy.

Hmmm. Does there seem to be a similar theme to my rants here? What's that? You say I'm a literacy queen? And you say that like it's a bad thing? LOL. Word.

Hanne? Great speech on sexual identity you reprinted in your journal today. Well written and very thought provoking. Please keep on keeping on!
And it's all good, folks.

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